Feed Raw Frog Legs for Dogs: Tips & Guidelines

Feed Raw Frog Legs for Dogs: Tips & Guidelines

Hey y’all, I recently discovered raw frog legs for dogs while I was browsing Raw Feeding Miami’s (RFM) protein selection.

They’re a really good meat alternative for dogs with (multiple) food allergies, and since my own pup has so many, I’m super excited to talk to you about them today!

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that RFM is one of my go-to retailers for individual cuts of raw meat for my homemade raw dog food.

In case you’re new to my blog, I highly recommend you check them out.

Their protein selection will blow you away!

A bag of raw frog legs from RFM sitting on a white plate on a kitchen counter

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally published in 2021 and has been updated in 2024. It contains affiliate links I may earn compensation through at no additional cost to you. 

Raw Frog Legs For Dogs: Benefits

So first things first, YES, dogs can eat raw frog legs!

Now, here’s why raw frog legs are so great for dogs, especially those pups with multiple food sensitivities.

They’re a:

Raw Frog Legs Are A Hypoallergenic Meat Source

Since they’re a hypoallergenic meat source, they offer natural relief for scratching caused by itchy doggie skin.

You’ll find that your dog’s skin condition will improve significantly and that his scratching will decrease quite a bit if not altogether.

Tip: In case you’re interested, other hypoallergenic food items are rabbit, duck, camel and kangaroo – all three of which I feed my pup Wally.

Check out my ebook 10 Raw Dog Food Recipes for Dogs with Skin Allergies if you’re looking for some hypoallergenic dog food recipe inspiration!

Raw Frog Legs For Dogs Are A Low-Fat Source Of Protein

Frog meat is an extremely lean meat which makes it a great food for dogs who are on a weight loss diet.

How lean?

0.3% fat lean!

Just for comparison’s sake, raw chicken leg quarters have just shy of 12% fat.

They’re Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Since frogs are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, they’re a great source for brain health as well as healthy skin.

Where To Buy Raw Frog Legs For Dogs

You can get your hands on bags of 6 pairs of raw frog legs at Raw Feeding Miami.

Each bag is $10.50, and each pair of legs weighs around 2-3 oz.

Weighing raw frog legs from Raw Feeding Miami on a  digital food scale
Weighing raw frog legs from Raw Feeding Miami

They’re a seasonal item, so I recommend to grab several bags at once before they sell out.

You can save 10% on your Raw Feeding Miami order with my referral discount.

Good to know: They’re also a great raw meaty bone for smaller raw-fed pets like cats and ferrets.

Update 2024: They also carry freeze-dried frog legs now.

A bag of raw frog legs for dogs from Raw Feeding Miami on a granite kitchen counter
Raw frog legs from Raw Feeding Miami

You might also be able to find raw frog legs at Asian grocery stores since they’re known to carry those “odd” cuts of meat.

So if you have one close by, I recommend checking it out!

What Kind Of Meat Category Do Raw Frog Legs Belong To?

In raw feeding, raw frog legs are considered a raw meaty bone. That means that it’s a raw bone that has the meat from a frog’s leg muscles attached to it.

This raw meaty bone consists of 35% bone and 65% muscle meat to be exact!

So just for example, a 2 oz pair of frog legs has 0.7 oz of bone content and 1.3 oz of muscle meat.

Remember that ratio because it’s important to know when you’re getting ready to add raw frog legs to your dog’s food.

If you’re new to raw feeding, please know that RAW frog legs are pliable and easily digestible in a dog’s acidic stomach environment.

However, the density of the bone structure changes when you cook frog legs or any other bones.

That said, please don’t offer your dog any cooked bones, like EVER.

How To Feed Raw Frog Legs To Your Dog

You can feed your dog raw frog legs in a few different ways.

One option is to feed them whole as part of their raw meals.

Another option is to grind them and mix them in with your dog’s raw meals. I particularly recommend this method for dogs with loose or no teeth, as well as for gulpers.

I refer as gulpers to those dogs who don’t chew their raw meaty bones and swallow them whole instead.

Brown dog sitting in front of someone holding raw frog legs for dogs

If you’re looking to teach your gulper slower eating habits, one way I’ve had success with is to hold the raw meaty bone with one hand while you’re letting your dog chew on the other.

The added benefit is that your pup learns polite behavior around high value food items you hold in your hand!

Raw Frog Legs For Dogs Recipe

Here’s a raw dog food recipe that includes raw frog legs. It definitely got Wally drooling!

This recipe also includes beef, deer, thread herring, and a veggie/herb mix:

  • 2 pairs of 2 oz raw frog legs. Since they consist of 1.4 oz bone and 2.6 oz muscle meat, I put the 2.6 oz muscle meat towards his overall daily allowance of 9.12 oz in muscle meat. That means that I still need to add 6.52 oz of muscle meat to get to 9.12 oz of muscle meat.
  • 3 oz beef gullet (muscle meat)
  • 1 oz green tripe (muscle meat)
  • 2.52 oz deer heart (muscle meat)
  • 1.52 oz thread herring (fish – also counts as muscle meat)
  • 0.76 oz deer liver (liver)
  • 0.76 oz beef pancreas (other secreting organ)
  • 1.52 oz veggies/herbs (plant matter Paradigm from Dr. Harvey’s)

If your dog doesn’t do well with any of those, you can replace the protein sources with different meats.

For example, replace beef with rabbit or duck, or replace thread herring with sardines or mackerel.

Homemade raw dog food featuring raw frog legs and other cuts of raw meat and fish

How To Measure The Raw Dog Food Recipe Amounts

The amounts mentioned in this recipe are specific to Wally’s weight (38 lb), so keep that in mind when you’re recreating it.

That’s his target weight, and he’s eating 2.5% of this weight in daily raw dog food to maintain it.

2.5% of 38 lbs are 0.95 lbs or 15.2 oz. Divided by two this translates into 7.6 oz per meal (he eats breakfast and dinner).

Just FYI, I don’t stick to this number 100% of the time, so when I meal prep for him, I’ll sometimes go a little over or under.

That’s totally fine and nothing to go crazy over, at least in my personal opinion.

Here’s the breakdown of Wally’s 15.2 oz of raw dog food per meal:

  • Muscle meat (60% = 9.12 oz)
  • Fish (10% = 1.52 oz, counts as muscle meat)
  • Raw meaty bone (10% = 1.52 oz)
  • Secreting organs (5% liver = 0.76 oz, 5% = 0.76 oz other secreting organs)
  • Plant matter (10% = 1.52 oz)

Tip: If you’re struggling with the raw feeding math for your dog, check out my ebook Understanding the Math in BARF & PMR Raw Feeding!

It’s a total game changer as it comes with pre-calculated feeding charts and worksheets for puppies and adult dogs.

How to Feed Raw Frog Legs for Dogs: Bottom Line

Raw frog legs are raw meaty bones that consist of 35% bone and 65% muscle meat.

DIY homemade raw dog food with raw frog legs in a stainless steel dog bowl

They’re great for dogs who have food sensitivities and need to be put on a novel meat diet or an elimination diet.

Since frog meat is very lean, it’s also a great food item for weight loss.

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