Find Raw Fed Canadian Dog Breeders | K9sOverCoffee

Find Raw Fed Canadian Dog Breeders | K9sOverCoffee

Here’s a list of raw feeding Canadian dog breeders!

Because here’s the thing.

After I recently published a blog post that lists naturally rearing dog breeders in the US, I got great feedback.

Also, lots of raw feeding US dog breeders I didn’t know about asked to be listed retrospectively.

And some raw feeders also said they’d love to have a list of raw feeding Canadian dog breeders.

So here it is!

Now, if you’re a naturally rearing dog breeder from Canada and you didn’t make this list, it’s because I didn’t find you online.

If you’d like to be added retrospectively, please email me at [email protected] or use the comment section below this blog post to share your information.

Please make sure to add a link to your website or your Facebook page so that people can find you!

French version:

Pour les éléveurs de chien au barf canadiens qui ne parlent pas l’anglais, envoyez-moi un courriel à [email protected] et je vous inscrirai sur la liste.

Veuillez bien inclure le lien pour vôtre site Internet.

List of Raw Feeding Canadian Dog Breeders

Close up of a raw dog food bowl embedded in text about raw feeding Canadian dog breeders


Bendegeit Mastiffs: Mastiffs

Finnibone Irish Water Spaniels: Irish Water Spaniels (Red Deer, Alberta)

British Columbia

Six Mile Creek Berners: Bernese Mountain Dogs (Falkland, BC)

Daintree Duck Tollers: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Nakusp, BC)


Boldwind Border Terriers: Border Terriers (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

New Brunswick

Fundy Coast Shelties: British Type Shelties (New Horton, New Brunswick)

Nova Scotia

Sally’s Valley: Papillons & Bernese Mountain Dogs (Kingston, Nova Scotia)

Raw Feeding Canadian Dog Breeders of Ontario

BigCountry Kennels: Bernese Mountain Dogs & Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs (Beamsville, ON)

Parkway ShihTzu: Shih Tzus (Welland, ON)

Bichon Lovers: Bichon Frisés (Langton, ON)

Kynic Stockdogs: Border Collies & Working Australian Kelpies (Kingston, ON)

Zorra County K9: German Shepherds (Embro, ON)

Arbrook Bernese: Bernese Mountain Dogs (Duntroon, ON)

Biscay Water Dogs: Barbet (aka French Water Dog; South Western Ontario)

Bullmarket Frogs: French Bulldogs (Mount Forest, ON)


Teckel du Nord: Dachshunds (Mirabel, Québec)

List of Raw Feeding Canadian Dog Breeders: Bottom Line

So there you have it, a list of Canadian dog breeders who believe in the power of raw meat-based diets.

I hope it’ll help you find a raw-fed puppy that gets off to a great start in life with a species-appropriate diet.

Again, if you’re a naturally rearing dog breeder who wasn’t mentioned in this post, please comment below or email me at [email protected].

Same applies if you know of a raw feeding dog breeder!

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