Dog Perfectly Imitates Pet Parent's Laughter | Watch Trending

Dog Perfectly Imitates Pet Parent’s Laughter | Watch Trending Video

A dog is making people laugh out loud after a video of the pooch imitating its human’s laughter was shared online. Posted on Instagram, the video shows how a Husky perfectly copies the way its pet parent laughs in front of them. There is a chance that the video will tickle your funny bone too.

The image taken from the video features a dog who imitates its human’s laughter. (Instagram/@huskysplanet)


The video is posted with a caption that reads, “She fully mocked my laugh”. The clip opens to show two dogs, one sitting on a couch and the other lying on the floor. The dog sitting on the floor suddenly starts barking, which resembles a human’s laughter. Within moments, the human, from behind the camera, laughs in the same way, and the dog imitates them again. A text overlay appearing on the screen also adds context to the entire scene. “My husky mocks my laughter,” it reads.

Take a look at the video:



The video was posted on May 8. With over 6.1 lakh views, the clip has also accumulated several likes and comments.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted:

“They’re so smart,” posted an Instagram user. “Aww, smart babies,” joined another. “That’s intelligence right there,” added a third. “OMG! So cute, lol,” wrote a fourth.

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