Dog Causes 'Mayhem' in Just 20 Minutes, Leaving Owner Cleaning

Dog Causes ‘Mayhem’ in Just 20 Minutes, Leaving Owner Cleaning for Hours

Twenty minutes might not seem like much time, but it was long enough for this rescue dog to turn a bean bag into a disastrous mess in her new home.

After picking up Olive the Ibizan hound from her doggy day care, her owner Léa Gérard headed upstairs to change after work. While she was briefly by herself, Olive didn’t waste a second in causing as much mess as she possibly could. Gérard told Newsweek that she assumed Olive was “just playing with her toys” from the noise she could hear.

Unfortunately for Gérard, from the U.K., Olive wasn’t interested in her own toys on that occasion, and she set her sights on something far more interesting: the bean bag. The static beans from the inside of the bag got everywhere. Gérard said this was “the biggest mess” her pet had created to date, taking two hours to clean up.


Photos of Olive caught standing among the beans from the ruined bean bag. Her own told Newsweek that the Ibizan hound was rescued in February 2023, and is still learning the boundaries of what she can do.Léa Gérard

Dogs can misbehave for a variety of reasons. Most puppies and adolescent dogs will embrace their mischievous side and get themselves into trouble, through no fault of their owner. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that, between the age of 5 months and 18 months, dogs often go through a rebellious stage.

This phase may be difficult to endure and might involve some casualties, namely the furniture. However, the AKC encourages owners to be firm and consistent with training, but most importantly, they should be patient.

As the dog gets older, if they’re still acting out and causing trouble, there may be other reasons for their behavior. The AKC says these may include a lack of training, not enough exercise, or their bad behavior being reinforced with attention or treats.

Olive was a stray dog discovered in Spain, and she was severely malnourished and covered in scars at the time. Since Gérard adopted her in February, she has grown in confidence and is showing more of her personality with every passing day, which means she gets up to all kinds of chaos, too.

Photo of Olive when she was rescued in Spain, in December 2022. The Ibizan hound was discovered in Spain, and she was incredibly malnourished and had scarring on her body.Léa Gérard

Gérard said: “I’d just picked her up from the kennels and I’d had a hell of a day, I was stuck in traffic for three hours. I picked her up on my way home and I went upstairs for just 20 minutes.

“I heard a bit of a rustle but thought she was just playing with her toys. I came downstairs to mayhem. With her being so young, I can’t leave her alone for a moment,” Gérard added.

“The bean bag was just one bag filled with beans, rather than separate compartments. One ripped hole meant she had the whole lot scattered across the house. It took two hours to clean up, but I reckon I’ll be finding them for years to come.”

Following the nightmare incident, Gérard posted a picture of Olive standing among the mess she’d created with the inside of the bean bag on the Facebook group, Dogspotting Society. In the post, Gérard wrote, “How dare she be so naughty and yet so cute,” while asking other owners what sort of destruction they’ve had to deal with.

The post received 3,500 reactions and over 750 comments from empathetic owners. One Facebook user commented: “My dog locked himself in the bathroom when we weren’t home and turned on the water. He flooded our entire downstairs.”

Another person wrote: “I’m so sorry but this is too funny, the little beads in her nose.”

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