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UNGRATEFUL Boy Doesn’t Want USED DOG, What Happens Is Shocking

Did you know Pit Bulls are mistreat the most! Watch: https://youtu.be/cMg8gQVKK8U
I am excited to launch this short film. My team and the shelter all worked so hard to help film this so we could highlight how animals at shelters are just as good as any other animal.

Boots (real name Cici) and other awesome dogs are available for adoption at Rancho Coastal Humane Society: https://rchumanesociety.org/

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  1. He may have been unwanted and need a lot of help, but after all he is just a teenage boy.

  2. We have had wonderful dogs twice now by adopting them. Unfortunately our last dog, Abby a Boston Terrier became very. Ill with Cushing’s disease and we lost her. We were looking for another dog and found ( rather she found us) in the paper. Animal Rescue of Tulsa (ARF) had an ad and there she was…Abbie, a Chiweenie. We felt it was a sign with her name. We kept her name – Abbie and added “too”. She’s our little pearl! ❤

  3. Everyone should see this video. Well done Rocky

  4. That kid should never be allowed to have a pet of any kind

  5. I'm GLAD this was staged. I wouldn't want ANY dog to have to endure THAT kid!

  6. Reply
    Countrygirl83 Countrygirl83
    September 29, 2023 at 1:47 am

    Never judge a animal by its cover just like never judge a book by its cover

  7. I would never buy from breeders im focused on rescuing shelter dog only

  8. 3:30 I would get any type of dog cuz all of them are good and cute! Doesn’t matter the place where they are or the conditions, I just want any dog!

  9. this was so annoying i had to watch, the whole train wreck analogy

  10. this kid didn’t deserve Boots, poor Boots must live with this spoiled kid

  11. Seriously what a spoiled brat shelter dogs are the best

  12. I still wouldn't give that kid a gold fish

  13. I suffered from depression for many years, then I rescued a 5-year-old Staffie. Had him now for 2 years, He saved me.

  14. Reply
    Aussie In The Philippines
    October 6, 2023 at 3:09 am

    Lovely meaning behind this video. 🥰 Although my dog could actually act better 🤣

  15. Good acting job.

  16. Dont get hem no dog

  17. Throughout my life all my dogs have been rescues, all 14 of them over they years. And every one of them has probably saved my life far more than I've saved theirs. Most have been seniors and that's been really hard when their time comes but in the meantime they mean the world.

  18. If I were the mom I would have taken the rescue dog and left the spoiled brat there.

  19. There Is Nonthing Wrong With Dogs My Opinion I Think There Better Than Purebreed Not Trying To Be Offensive But I Dose Not Matter There All Dogs Were All Living Orginisams And We Should All Never Be Treated That Way!

  20. This is sad

  21. I love all animals they are all the same to me

  22. The kid doesn't deserve a dog.

  23. Are kids really ever this rude?

  24. Does anyone else want to throttle this little creep?

  25. I think u lost the plot. Both the kid and the mother have serious mental issues and unrealistic infantile. This is more of a failed parenting video.

    Also the title is deceptive

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