How to take care of Pregnant Female Dog? TAKE THESE TIPS SERIOUSLY | Baadal Bhandaari | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

How to take care of Pregnant Female Dog? TAKE THESE TIPS SERIOUSLY | Baadal Bhandaari

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Hello everyone, I’m Baadal Bhandaari and I welcome you to your favorite YouTube channel that’s Dogs Your Friends Forever (DYFF).

In this video, I would like to share the step by step procedure to take care of pregnant female dog. Like in depth video where I explained everything from Mating to Diet to Delivery.

I also suggested my special tips as per my 25 years of experience in dog breeding.

I would love to help you to choose the right dog breed and the right time to get these cute creatures in your life. The motive of this video is to request you all to please care about your dogs and puppies as your child or please don’t adopt or purchase these cute creatures until you are not prepared. I hope you will like this video as well, please share it to the maximum, and kindly do subscribe to this channel to remain updated for more on dogs.

Link to the video (Shih Tzu Operated Successfully | Hind Leg Problems In Toy Puppy Dog Breed) as given below:-

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    Dogs Your Friends Forever
    April 8, 2022 at 2:18 pm

    For any Dogs or Puppies related issues like Wellness, Health, Diet, Grooming, Behaviour, you may Consult us by clicking this link

  2. Sir maine pahile bar mitting kiya tha o fals pregnes ho गई thi 1 bar लॉक lagaya tha abhi mitting kiya he 3 लॉक laga he usko 1 time pedigrri khilata hu

  3. I forgot to deworm my GSD female before her heat cycle… Last time i dewormed her 3 months back… Today i have session for her first mating of life… Should i proceed or not?

  4. Hi bhaiya meri dog bhi pregnant hai fast time mujhe dar lag raha hai ki wo thik rhe wo vegitarian hi wo milk bhi nhi piti hi wo tometo lichi khati hi bhaiya koi problem to nhi hoga na mengo bhi khati hi mujhe jwab dena aapka video dekha to aapko meri dog ke bare me batau wo sizzu hai Thenks bhaiya

  5. Sar gsd female ka weat kitna rhana chaiye pregnessi ke time

  6. Reply
    June 14, 2023 at 9:38 am


  7. Sir mere dog ne first time birth kiya hai but ek he child hai or Samy se phle samjh nahi aa raha hai kya kare

  8. Sir My beau de sakta hai

  9. Oh my god. My father is giving raw egg from last 10 days to my pitbull. And she is 40+ days pregnant 😭😭😭

  10. Vitabets derm को प्रेगनेंसी में पीला सकते है कि नहीं

  11. आज 1जून को मेटिंग हुआ है

  12. Sir mere dog malassiza detamatics wali problem hai dog ki skin black gray ho gaye ha Is per video vanayo please sir

  13. Dog bar bar meating karthay Mera dog bar bar meating karthay Kya problem hay

  14. Sir male dog kitne shal ka mitig kar sakta h


  16. Meri dog ko three day hi blood aaya hai fir ruk gya keya kre

  17. Sir meri famale dog ka 62 days ho chuke he delivery nhi hui or use chalna bhi nahi ata

  18. Sir kya nahi khilaye jise loosmotion na ho

  19. Sir thanks i'm very happy

  20. Sir,
    Mujhe thoda suggest karen,,meri dog pregnant hai ek hafte huye, usko ek jagah par jyada der baithne baad uthhne nahi aa raha, agar uthh bhi ja rahi hai to bahut mushkil ho raha hai chalna… Kya karu 🙏plzz suggest me 🙏plzz😢

  21. Reply
    sumyatri diaries blog
    August 12, 2023 at 7:05 am

    Sir Mera female German shepherd dog street dog se meeting hogayi thi fir miscarriage karneke liye injection Diya 4din tak 4din k bad wo ulti kar di thi fir Mera male German shepherd dog se meeting apne aap ho rahi he 3din se …. To kese pata chalega wo pragnant hogi ya nai

  22. First pregnancy kis age m hotii h

  23. Thanks sir for ur nice information

  24. Sir fimale dog ko kros karane par kitne der baad nahlaya jata hai

  25. Hi Sir

    I am writing to you with deep concern and worry regarding the activities I engaged my female lab in after a successful mating.

    I was not aware that after a successful mating, it is recommended to keep the female dog tied and restrict her regular activities such as long runs, playtimes, and frequent walks. Unfortunately, I only recently learned about this crucial information. Now, I am fearful that my lab may not be able to become pregnant and produce healthy puppies.

    I feel incredibly guilty for unknowingly jeopardizing her chances of a successful pregnancy. Is there still hope that my lab can conceive despite these post-mating activities? What can I do now to ensure the best possible outcome for her and any potential puppies?

    Your guidance and expertise in this matter would be greatly appreciated as I navigate through this distressing situation.

  26. Main Apka voice kaan se sunn rha hoon or Meri nazar doggi pe🤪🤍🤍🤍🤍Thankyou for ur kind information 😍

  27. 8 saal ki age me bachhe digi Levra female dog

  28. Sir, mating ke bad kya iron or liver tonic female dog ko Dena safe hai ? Please reply 🙏

  29. My gsd just having her first period she is 9 months old i was very concerned about her thank you for the information

  30. My gsd just having her first period she is 9 months old i was very concerned about her thank you for the information

  31. Thanks sir🙏

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    Yadav dog kennel 🦮🦮
    October 13, 2023 at 8:36 pm

    Very very important video thanku so much sir

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