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Should Colorado have a state dog? Survey results favor Bernese mountain dog – The Journal

A survey shows Labrador retriever and Australian shepherd are also favored

Bernese Mountain Dog (Google)

A poll conducted by the Pampered Pup surveyed 3,000 Coloradans about their preferred dog breed to represent the state if the opportunity arose and found that Coloradans preferred the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Labrador retriever and the Australian Shepherd breeds came in second and third places, respectively. Similar polls have been conducted in other states across the country.

These national polls have found that “Americans overwhelmingly favored breeds with significant historical ties to their respective states,” a news release from Apricot Content said.

Only 13 states have official dog breeds, even though about 65 million dog owners reside in the United States. Other states where polls have been conducted include Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, and New Mexico. Each of these states chose a breed with historical ties to the state.

Labrador retriever (Google)

Australian shepherd (Google)

“Each choice tells a story of the state, its history, its culture, and its people,” said Zach Lovatt from the Pampered Pup.

But it turns out that experts may not have an expert opinion in common.

The Journal reached out to the agility trial secretary of the American Kennel Club, Lisa Frankland, for her opinion on this poll. Frankland is a former Colorado resident and has ties to the Durango Agility Dog Club, which holds dog shows in Dolores.

She said that in her experience, the Australian shepherd actually represents Colorado more accurately than the Bernese mountain dog.

“Australian Shepherds exemplify the things people love about Colorado,” Frankland said. She said that in the 1980s, every farm she visited in Colorado had at least one Aussie running around. This breed is athletic and intelligent, making them great companions on farms or even in suburban areas, she said.

“There are many Australian shepherds and Australian shepherd breeders in the region,” she said. Other breeds of herding and ranch dogs are also popular in Colorado, such as Heelers and Border collies. Chihuahuas, Rottweilers, pit bulls and poodles are also popular. Different breeds of terriers and smaller dogs often show at the Durango Agility Dog Club shows, she said.

“Their large, heavy boned physique does not lend itself to more athletic pursuits,” Frankland said. She also didn’t find any Bernese mountain dogs in her databases for agility or obedience, although she has seen a few do well in the obedience categories.

“The BMD represents only a narrow demographic of Colorado,” she said. She wrapped up her comments by stating that these are her opinions, and while she has experience with both the Bernese mountain dog and the Australian shepherd, she has never owned a dog of either breed herself.

To see the poll results for all states, click here.

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