Police Shoot Dog Four Times After It Kills Another Dog and Wounds

Police Shoot Dog Four Times After It Kills Another Dog and Wounds Woman – Grand Forks Herald

GRAND FORKS — The dog killed by Grand Forks police on Tuesday, May 16 — after killing another dog and injuring a woman — was shot four times, according to a police report.

The dog, which police believe to be a pitbull, was shot twice in the chest area, once in the neck and once in the head, the report said.

According to Lt. Dwight Love at the GFPD, it’s very rare that the GFPD has to kill a dangerous animal, and there are no alternative methods for doing so.

Law enforcement responded to an injury call at approximately 5:05 p.m. on Tuesday, May 16. On scene at the apartment, police found a pitbull running around covered in blood, according to the police report.

The injured woman, Janice Hampton, was found bleeding in the bedroom. She was later transported to Altru by ambulance, the report said.

A dog was found laying dead on the floor. According to the police report, an officer identified the dog as a chihuahua.

An officer was able to secure the pitbull with a catch pole, but it escaped and ran out of the building.

Outside, there were a number of people, including a woman walking her dog. According to the police report, many people ran away once they saw the dog, and some were heard screaming.

Officer Andrew Rebel advised that the dog be killed in the interest of public safety, the report said.

Officer Matthew Kippley fired his handgun twice, striking the dog in the chest area both times. The dog ran a short distance, and Kippley fired again, striking the dog in the neck, the report said.

According to the police report, the dog stopped running but was still alive and partially standing. Rebel fired his handgun once, striking the dog in the back of the head and killing it.

Both dead dogs were transported to the Humane Society.

Hampton told police the pitbull belonged to her friend, Chad Ramstad, who was out of town. She had agreed to watch his dog and brought it to her apartment, where the attacks took place.

Ramstad was informed of the incident. He said Hampton knew his dog was aggressive and shouldn’t be around other dogs, according to the report.

A neighbor told police the pitbull attacked his dog on Saturday, May 13. The neighbor said he had to reach into the pitbull’s mouth, prying its jaws apart so it would release his dog. His dog was injured, but he didn’t report the incident to the police.

When police asked Ramstad about the other incident, he said he’d taken his dog outside on a leash around the same time the neighbor came outside with his dog. Ramstad said the neighbor’s dog was not leashed, and ran at his dog.

The press release from the GFPD said two residents reported their dogs had been attacked by Ramstad’s dog.

The police report, however, only includes the neighbor’s account.

“The number isn’t as important as the danger the animal was causing at that specific time,” Love wrote in an email to the Herald.

The incident is under review, and no citations have been issued at this time.

“Horrible situation for all involved and GFPD is just glad nobody else got hurt,” Love added.

Sav Kelly joined the Grand Forks Herald in August 2022.Kelly covers public safety, including local crime and the courts system.

Readers can reach Kelly at (701) 780-1102 or [email protected].

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