How To Care For A Senior Dog - For Dogs 8+ Years Old - Professional Dog Training Tips | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

How To Care For A Senior Dog – For Dogs 8+ Years Old – Professional Dog Training Tips

This video will give you some tips about how to care for a senior dog. There’s no question about it, senior dogs are special. There’s something about the unwavering loyalty of a grey-faced dog that could melt your heart. Living with an old dog can present some unique challenges. To help ease the transition into old age, here are a few great and subtle changes you can make to ensure they still have a wonderful quality of life.

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  1. Let me know if you have a senior dog in your family! They are truly amazing, and I'm glad you decided to watch this video to make sure you're aware of all of these senior dog tips! If you're looking for some low-impact games to play with your senior dog, check out this video that I created for dogs who are on crate rest:
    Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  2. I. Just adopted a senior. 2 weeks ago He is a little over weight. I am feeding him pro plan dog food and taking him for walks in the mornings

  3. My girl is going to be 8 years old next month. She is a Siberian husky. She is going strong, but I am starting to think about what to do when she gets less agile.

  4. We must take note of this as our dogs get older, we must take good care of them.

  5. I wish i had taken care of my choochoo he died while i was at work i wish i had taken him to the vet he was 8yrs old 💔💔💔😭😭😭😥 i feel so guilty i feel like such a cruel failure parent please forgive me buddy

  6. I’m adopting a senior dog this week.

  7. Mine is about 13 years old. It’s hard to cut his nails though cuz they’re black and he’s small, so I’m scared of cutting the quick.

  8. My poodle mix is 18. She still eats well and drinks well. She definitely stares into space often has loss some sight and hearing. It’s been so tough to trim her nails now that she’s older. I’ve done this her whole life but she just seems extra nervous now. In assuming because of some loss of those two senses I mentioned. She’s still up and going about around our apartment though even though she’s loosing some coordination when standing still. I’m blessed to have had her so healthy all these years.

  9. My dog is 18 and is loosing her sight. Having different scents around the house is such a great idea!

  10. I adopted senior Westie when he was 12 ,now he is 15 years old and he has very sensitive stomach and he had just GI track, loose stools , and wheezing sound. Before I took him to the vet I saw he chew pebbles and swallowed them. Long story short I took him to the vet near by ,and did X-ray,blood work. The vet said he had congestion, and gas on intestines, and little inflammation. He prescribed the meds. So I cooked boil chicken and chopped small pieces and mix with purée can pumpkin. And nex day I saw he had dry poop on his butt and when I tried to cleaned it was pebble and evening he pooped pebbles. Now the last he pooped pebbles was Friday. And he hasn’t pooped till now. His appointment with regular vet on Tuesday morning. I took him for a walk this morning so he could poop but he didn’t. Hopefully he poop before he is going to vet on Tuesday 🤞

  11. I have a senior dog who I’ve had since 2nd grade. Recently I graduated from high school and his conditions are worsening, it makes me so sad.

  12. my dog is 9years old and it was a little bit challenging for us to take care of him I'm not sure how we can shower him because he doesn't like shower and also sometimes when he pee he get super wet because he can't see that he step on his pee so we really need to focus and keep our eyes on him

  13. My dog is 9 and he has more energy than when he was 3 I'm worried about his teeth and what to do about it ..its making me sick.. it was a family dog my mom was the one that wanted him and I helped train him and all that stuff then she passed and then I took him.. he's been in my possession for about three years.. very intelligent very well trained… he's only about 15 pounds he has tartar buildup on his canines and I can see his gums are inflamed and he's already lost his top and front bottom smaller teeth I always thought it was because of playing rough..Because that's all he does is chase balls..He has no signs of feeling sick or anything I'm just worried about his teeth ,Right now I can't afford it maybe in a few months I can

  14. For arthritis pain give your dog 500 milligrams glucosamine with MSM from CVS drug store every other day or every day if it’s really bad. It help my dog.

  15. my baby is 12 🥲 she has arthritis, it's a bit bad…. so I set up a special space for her in my bedroom with a pillow, a carpet and raised bowls 😊
    QUESTION: how can I stimulate her mentally and entretain her? I stoped doing tricks with her many years ago; she always only played fetch, which is out of the question now, what can I do?

  16. My poodle is 9 and my Shih Tzu is 8. I don't what I will do when they are gone…I will never have dogs again😭 It hurts to see them getting old, and knowing one day they will die

  17. Reply
    Christopher De Freitas
    June 15, 2022 at 4:46 am

    Do all dogs go blind when they get old?

  18. One of my dogs just had a vet appointment after her 8th birthday. I was so glad that the vet said she had the blood work of a young dog.
    She definitely doesn’t acknowledge that she’s getting older.

  19. Thank you for the helpful tips and tricks! I love factoring a multivitamin in my dogs diet as well. My favorite is Balanced Breed's multivitamin. I have seen such a significant improvement in his health 😍

  20. I totally get the “sock bit” 😹 It’s amazing how simple things like that make life much more difficult to manage daily life. Imagine being a senior dog or cat. They are at our mercy for their comfort. Thank you so much for creating this video!

  21. Reply
    The Crimson Canvas with Artsy
    January 1, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    also great for the slipping is non slip tape, we used it on our tile and it was a life saver for our dog

  22. It's surprising to me that you've managed to perfectly describe every single issue that my own senior dog now has. She's a 16 year old black lab and has lived a long and happy life, even winning a battle against cancer which is something not many dogs can do. She's such an old girl and can be a bit of a hassle sometimes to care for her, but I still love her no matter what.

  23. Reply
    Karla Jazmin Garcia Hernandez
    February 10, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    I have my 14 year old lady who seems to be comming to the end of her life 🥺 there is so much I want to still do and so much I regret but, I’lo make sure she is safe and feels loved for as long my God allows me yo have her.

  24. Excuse me sir… I do not remember making an appointment for my dog to see you. Why is it that LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE TIP you gave is what my now 8 year old Lab/AmStaff dog is experiencing 😢 right down to the bumps under the skin. Thank you sooooo much I will definitely try the ramp for him.❤❤❤

  25. I am the mom of an 8.5-year-old Staffordshire pitbull, all was fine until he clipped his nail length-wise. No vet would touch him unless I "neutered" him (the worse decision ever!) He was so puppy-like for being 8. He hasn't been the same since the procedure, refuses to play he don't run anymore and has gained significant weight, and has trouble getting in and out of my truck. Are these issues just age-relatedd or surgically caused issues? 🤔

    I do realize that neutering an animal has behavioral changes however I don't believe it would this extreme!

  26. You always do such a great job Ken, but I highly disagree about using chemical-scented products in the home such as plug ins and air fresheners as they can make both pets and people very ill and induce allergies. Approved pet safe essential oils would be safer, put on a cotton ball or such. Please make a video about assisting senior dogs in and out of a vehicle.

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