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10 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pet’s Life

What can be bad for your pets? What is harmful to them? 🐶🐱 A lot of people make some serious mistakes in their pet care that can lead to all kinds of health problems and even a shorter lifespan. So let’s see what major no-nos you should avoid and what you should do instead!

Not being picky about food 0:56
Rarely taking pets to the vet 1:45
Allowing pets access to open doors and windows 2:14
Not spaying or neutering 2:50
Neglecting grooming and dental hygiene 3:27
Neglecting bath time or doing it incorrectly 4:21
Giving your pets table food 5:12
Not giving enough attention 5:38
Not checking their collar 6:13
Keeping a dog cooped up all the time 6:50
Parakeets 7:30
Guinea pigs 8:03

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– Always read the label first before choosing a brand. It shouldn’t contain any flavoring agents, corn, or GMOs.
– Don’t neglect regular visits to the vet, even if your furry friends hate you for it! This is the only way to prevent diseases and catch any sort of problems before they get too serious.
– Unless you have a fenced-in yard that’s regularly treated to kill any parasites, your pets shouldn’t have open access to the street.
– Vets do recommend spaying and neutering your animals because it actually helps them live long and happy lives.
– Start brushing their teeth at an early age so that they get used to the process. They make special toothbrushes and pastes for animals that you can get at any pet store.
– Bathing is a necessity when it comes to pets. Cats, of course, are a little more self-sufficient when it comes to staying clean, so they don’t really need to be washed.
– All vets agree that giving your pet “people food” is a terrible idea. Your pet’s digestive system simply can’t handle most of the stuff we humans eat.
– Pets need socialization and human interaction to develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Otherwise they can become easily scared, aggressive, and disobedient.
– So be sure to check if their collar is too tight from time to time. For cats and small breed dogs, you should be able to slip one finger between their collar and skin.
– Dogs of all ages and breeds should have enough time outside to move around, interact with other dogs, and be free to explore.
– Don’t keep parakeets locked up in their cage constantly. Birds need physical activity and some kind of entertainment. They’re social creatures and need at least 30 minutes a day of games and communication.
– A very important thing you should keep in mind when buying a guinea pig is that it needs plenty of room to move around. A cage that’s too small will detrimentally affect the quality of life and health of your piggie!

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  1. Do you have a pet? What's her or his name?

  2. Trim the dogs hair because they might be a bug

  3. I have a sneak!

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    ☆Томи☆ •Мими• & 'Джили'
    August 21, 2022 at 3:23 pm

    I'm agree with everything. We even spayed our 1 year Calico female cat to live longer and to not bring us babies. But I'm TOTALLY Not Agree with you for the "Giving human food is wrong" I'm feeding my dogs and cats 2 Years with ONLY Human Food, Human pate/ cheese/ cooked meat and they live Happy and playful life and NEVER got sick. Yep, that's right my pets haven't been sick since i have them. I don't recommend cheap dry food but I'm feeding them with human food and they're playful and healthy. Well, sometimes i got can food when the fridge'a empty and i got them Pouches Felix from Purina. Feeding kibble ISN'T required so your pet will be healthy. Kibble is full of cybohydrades..

  5. Reply
    August 22, 2022 at 7:14 am

    My dog Raphy doesnt go far away when we take him on walke

  6. The showering thing depends on the breed. For example, a rough collie should be washed once or twice a year.

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  11. Who else hates this Chanel with a passion

  12. i have 2 pets a kitten (egypitien maue 2months) and a puppy mix between germen sherpepred and french bull dog I think its almost 3 months

  13. Hey i know you said no table food but we give table food to our dog but its the healthy food like apples and bananas etc. so we give our mini snauchzer what we can give her.

  14. I fed my dog all kinds of people food and everyone including people with medical licenses always told me how horrible for him it was. Cut to he lived to 19 as a dog breed with a 14 year expected lifespan. Get them regular exercise and you're golden

  15. But what if your parakeet refuses to eat The fruit, my bird only eats seeds

  16. Sammy he is a Australian blue heeler do mix

  17. My dog was a Staffy lift 5 years longer than they should 15 that's how old 😔 😟 🙁 😥 😞

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  19. So I had a hamster called sage she was really cute but one day she passed away I might cry

  20. I have a dog her name is Maggie she loves to play and jump run skip or hop she is super
    Energetic and loves chicken or ham treats she also loves playing with other dogs or other animals

  21. Spaying and neutering is such a scam

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  23. And also mentain there populations for there kind sake cause we all know the problem allways awaits ahead of us so they could ne still given a care after they lost there owner in certain ways cause we know there are lesser animal lover and more human in junk form😕😕😕😖😖😔😔

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    Мадина Старинова
    January 15, 2023 at 11:40 am

    I want a German shepherd puppy and name it "Cosmo" but My mom is a cat person and says its hard to take care of which is true But id do anythinggg For that Dogg i dont care what it is so im learning to take care of em

  25. I have a dog named Charlie and he is a boy

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  27. I want a pet but I can't I might do it when I'm grown

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    Sophie Gleason (PookiePooks)
    April 12, 2023 at 9:16 pm

    I have a puppy! his name is Wesley!

  29. This video is incorrect on 2 things. Raw diets are best in most cases. And spaying and neutering is unessesary most of the time. Pet owns please educate yourself on those 2 things and don't let vets brainwash you.

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