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Former Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott gets final legal update

NFL Free Agency was not the only thing Ezekiel Elliott had to worry about in the offseason. The former Dallas Cowboys running back needed to settle a dog attack case filed against him in Frisco, Texas. Elliott’s case may have finally been resolved in its last legal update.

The ex-Cowboys running back faced a charge from a woman named Jennifer Gamper. Elliott’s dogs allegedly attacked Gamper while she was not provoking them. She asked for $1 million in reparations after the event. Her scars due to the attack were severe and permanent, per Charean Williams of NBC Sports.

Gamper and Elliott have now resolved the issue. However, the details of the settlement were not yet fully revealed.

Ezekiel Elliott also received three animal-at-large citations. This was after a May 10, 2021 incident where his dogs went loose. His pets went around the area and apparently bit two individuals. The ex-Cowboys player was allegedly aware that his dogs were loose. More than that, he also knew that they had the probability to attack people while unprovoked.

Both persons were sent to the hospital. They did not have any life-threatening injuries or anything of major concern. However, one of the former running back’s dogs was placed into quarantine for 10 days after the incident. He was given all these measures and fines in order to ensure that his pets would be properly enclosed such that they do not attack other people.

Since all of this is behind him, Elliott can now fully focus on getting into shape to make a push in NFL Free Agency.

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