Unleash Fun & Flavor: 3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers for Dogs

Unleash Fun & Flavor: 3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers for Dogs

Let’s talk cow hoof fillers for dogs!

There’s a myriad of soft foods you can stuff cow hooves with.

But today, I’ll share my pup Wally’s 3 favorites plus 5 additional ideas.

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally published in 2022 and has been updated in 2023. It contains affiliate links I may earn compensation through at no additional cost to you.

He’s a 5-year-old raw-fed Feist mix who loves to eat, and I love to whip up tasty and fun meals for him.

And that’s exactly what enrichment cow hooves for dogs are – fun!

Beyond that, they’re also easy to make and cheap to source. You can get a 10ct bag for around $15 from Raw Paws Pet Food.

They’re one of my favorite raw dog food suppliers in the US.

If you use my affiliate discount code K9Savings, you can get them even cheaper because that takes 15% OFF!

Use cow hooves from Raw Paws Pet Food to make cow hoof fillers for dogs

3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers For Dogs

OK, now without further ado, what do you fill a dog’s cow hooves with?

3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers for Dogs

What Do You Stuff A Cow Hoof With?

1. Ground Raw Dog Food Stuffed Cow Hoof

Your dog’s favorite ground raw dog food! The raw dog food brand doesn’t matter, as long as it’s ground.

Of course, you can also use your DIY raw dog food if you grind it up with a meat grinder.

Cow hoof fillers for dogs - ground raw dog food
Filling cow hooves for dogs with ground raw dog food

2. Pumpkin Stuffed Cow Hoof

Another option is pumpkin purée. You can use the canned from the grocery store, such as Libby’s.

Or make your very own during pumpkin season!

Cow hoof fillers for dogs - pumpkin purée
Filling cow hooves for dogs with homemade pumpkin purée

3. Banana Stuffed Cow Hoof

Since Wally enjoys bananas, that’s what I stuff his cow hooves with whenever I have some overly ripe ones.

That way, I don’t have to throw them out and waste them.

Cow hoof fillers for dogs - mashed banana
Filling cow hooves for dogs with mashed, overly ripe banana

What Else Can You Stuff Cow Hooves With?

Of course, there are other cow hoof stuffers besides the 3 options I just shared with you.

As a rule of thumb, use anything your pup starts drooling for, such as:

I know that Wally would go for all of these as well!

Fish is just not the most practical filler for us because Wally eats his fish whole.

That means I would need to grind the fish up which would be more time-consuming, so that’s why I don’t opt for it.

Ground green tripe, veggie pulp, and peanut butter are definitely on my list of fillers to use in one of my next batches of filled cow hooves.

I typically only feed (a specific kind of) canned dog food when we’re traveling with Wally and there’s no freezer for this raw dog food at the final destination.

I haven’t brought any cow hooves along on those trips which is the only reason why he hasn’t had filled cow hooves with canned dog food.

If I remember to bring some next time, he’ll get some!

How to Prepare Cow Hooves for Dogs

This is simple: Just stuff the hooves!

There are two ways you can offer the stuffed cow hooves to your pup:

  1. At room temperature
  2. Frozen

Some dogs have sensitive tummies, so if you’re concerned about the cold shock to their stomach, you may want to offer them room temperature.

Depending on how greedy of an eater/licker your pup is, this may decrease the amount of time the filled cow hoof dog chew lasts your pup.

If your pup has no sensitive tummy, you can feed them frozen.

That’s how I feed them to Wally. It takes him about 30 minutes to clean out the hoof that way.

He’s not too interested in actually chewing on the hoof itself and will just leave it on his bed or in his crate, depending on where he went to town on it.

So for dogs like him, you can just re-use the cow hooves and fill them again and again.

I don’t wash them out because Wally does not leave anything behind!

Also, I know that his acidic stomach environment would deal with anything bacteria-wise that was left behind.

But this is something you have to decide for yourself.

If you’re concerned about bacteria, by all means, go ahead and wash out the empty hoof!

That brings me to another topic.

When Should You Throw Out Cow Hooves for Dogs?

I throw out the hooves when they start to look gross or when there are sharp edges on them.

The latter can happen with any harder type of dog chew, so this is something to be aware of.

How to Store The Filled Cow Hooves In Your Freezer

I don’t love a messy freezer, so here are 3 ideas to store the filled cow hooves to keep things neat:

  • Wrap them individually in small zip-lock bags
  • Bundle them together in larger zip-lock bags
  • Keep them in a large food storage container if you have the space for it
How to prepare filled cow hooves for dogs for mess-freezer storage
Placing filled cow hooves for dogs into a zippable freezer bag
How to store filled cow hooves for dogs in the freezer
How I store Wally’s filled cow hooves in the freezer

Benefits of Stuffed Cow Hooves for Dogs

Here’s what makes filled cow hooves dog chews great: They’re wonderful boredom busters!

Particularly when you’re looking to entertain your pup while you’re busy.

But also when your pup’s on crate rest post-surgery or due to an illness. For example, when they’re being treated for heartworms.

Of course, filled cow hooves can also keep your pup busy on rainy or snowy days and make for a cooling treat during the hot summer months.

Cow Hoof Fillers for Dogs: Any Cons?

Well, there are not many but here’s a good one: Cow hooves for dogs have a particular odor to them.

After all, they’re a natural product that’s not treated heavily. It doesn’t bother me because I’ve handled everything from raw lamb brains to rabbit heads and then some.

So honestly, I don’t care!

However, some people go as far as saying that cow hooves for dogs stink.

I suppose it depends on your particular nose but I would venture to say that raw feeders are much less likely to be bothered by cow hooves than kibble feeders are.

Another con I can think of is that filled cow hooves may be too much for smaller dogs, at least to consume in one sitting.

So if your pup’s on the smaller side, you’ll have to supervise and maybe take it away from them halfway through.

3 Easy Cow Hoof Fillers For Dogs: Bottom Line

It’s so much fun to whip up a homemade filling for cow hooves, and your pup’s food preferences are the limit to your stuffing options!

Wally’s favorites are ground raw dog food, pumpkin purée, and mashed banana.

You can also try green tripe, fish, and canned dog food.

Beyond that, filled cow hooves for dogs are an easy boredom buster for activity-restricted days.

Whatever the reason!

The best part is that they’re inexpensive to source.

For example, a 10ct bag from Raw Paws Pet Food only costs you around $15 – or 15% less if you remember to use my affiliate discount code K9Savings!

You can offer the stuffed cow hooves frozen or at room temperature depending on your pup’s preference.

Throw them out when they’re gross or start having sharp edges!

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