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Brocton acts on code, dog issues | News, Sports, Jobs

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen
Brocton Mayor Craig Miller was pleased with the recent dog control and code enforcement efforts in the village.

BROCTON — In hopes of getting the loose dog issue under control, the Village of Brocton began a villagewide enumeration n July 10. Dog Control Officer Gloria McCormick said the process of documenting pets in the village will be done door to door.

“We’ve got to crack down on this, absolutely,” McCormick said.

The village will be posting flyers to give residents who have not yet complied with the village requirements an opportunity to rectify the matter before being issued an appearance ticket in court.

“At that point, they will be given a 14-day notice to comply. After that, they will be issued an appearance ticket for the dog not being licensed,” McCormick said. “I’d like to do it sooner, but I’m trying to give people an honest chance. I’m sure there are more dogs that aren’t licensed than are licensed around here.”

Mayor Craig Miller responded, “We’re making big strides here. We thank you.”

Regarding the persistent building code violations around town, Code Enforcement Officer Wendy Spinuzza and Village Attorney Peter Clark have already taken three violators to the Town of Portland Court on appearance tickets.

“Two out of the three, I think will comply — it got their attention. The third one, we’ll wait and see – that may be a fight,” Clark said. “But it’s a start.”

Miller responded, “Absolutely, that’s a start. Once people talk through the town, people will get the message that we mean business here.”

The village reporter 10 building code violations in Spinuzza’s recent monthly report. “It seems to be in the double digits every month,” Miller said. “… She gets responses quite quickly. We’re thankful for Wendy.”

The village also will be reevaluating its security camera needs in the coming weeks, with cameras at the Fire Hall as a potential target for increased surveillance around the village.

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