WATCH: 2 taken to hospitals with ‘serious injuries’ following dog attack, police say | Top Story | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

WATCH: 2 taken to hospitals with ‘serious injuries’ following dog attack, police say | Top Story

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BATAVIA – Two people, including a home health care worker, suffered serious injuries when they were attacked by a dog inside a Batavia residence on Thursday afternoon.

Both individuals were taken to area hospitals. The dog was detained by animal control and taken to the Genesee County Animal Shelter, according to Sgt. Mitchell Cowen of the Batavia Police Department.

The attack was reported about 2:45 p.m. at 152 South Main St.

A female health worker was providing care to the male homeowner when she was attacked by the dog, Cowen said.

When the male homeowner attempted to intervene, the dog began to attack the homeowner, Cowen said.

“Both sustained some serious injuries,” Cowen said.

The female sustained injuries to her back and arm and was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester. The male has “pretty severe arm injuries,” Cowen said, and was taken to Erie County Medical Center by Mercy Ambulance.

An investigation into the incident is continuing.

Cowen said the investigation will check to make sure the dog was properly registered and whether it had a history of violent actions, among other things.

The female homeowner told police that the dog did not have a history of attacks, Cowen said.

“We will make sure of that still,” Cowen said. “That’s always part of it, especially if we have to go for a dangerous dog order we need to know its history.”

Staff Photographer Mark Gutman contributed to this report.

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