Thirty-nine dogs jump into a pool at Michigan doggy day care, cuteness ensues | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

Thirty-nine dogs jump into a pool at Michigan doggy day care, cuteness ensues

Thirty-nine dogs of different breeds jump joyfully into a swimming pool and splash about as they cool off on a hot summer day at Lucky Puppy doggy day care in Maybee, Michigan near Detroit. Facility owner Brenda Langley, 60, says she loves pool time with the dogs and that she built the bone-shaped pool for them after noticing how much they liked swimming in her above-ground pool.

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  1. This is super damn AWESOME!!! The dogs are all so happy:)

  2. Now this is a pool party.

  3. no swimwear needed

  4. Minecraft noises 😂

  5. Hahaha someone named their dog 'soy sauce' that's quite a name

  6. é tão relaxante ver vídeos assim🥰🥰

  7. my dogs will not leave my pond. this is GREAT!!!

  8. haha typical husky..hmmm…nahhhh

  9. Reply
    Светлана Ива
    July 31, 2023 at 5:42 am

    Как же здорово…И собаченька довольны,и человек …❤

  10. Doggy heaven,
    you mean.

  11. Класс

  12. Понравился особенно тот песел, который плавает и тявкает от счастья😃

  13. Definitely need more of these around

  14. I Think that is wonderful for pets such as The Dogs to have a place to cool down.

  15. Reply
    Life of a Bibliophile
    August 4, 2023 at 10:38 pm

    Y’all need to throw a TON of tennis balls and squeak toys in the pool and watch the dogs go crazy!!!!!!

  16. ✌✌✌

  17. Hapiness is to watch this and love dogs. PERIOD.

  18. There's always gotta be that one dog that just keeps barking incessantly.

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