Squeeze Fun with Novelty Place 16" Squawking Rubber Chicken

Squawking Rubber Chicken – Hilarious Novelty Toy for Endless Laughter

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Experience endless fun with the Novelty Place Extra Load Squawking Rubber Chicken. This large 16″ yellow chicken is perfect for kids and adults. Squeeze it to hear hilarious squeaky and screaming sounds!

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Unleash the laughter and joy with the Novelty Place Squawking Rubber Chicken! This hilarious toy is guaranteed to bring endless entertainment to kids and adults alike. With its vibrant colors, amusing squawking sound, and durable rubber construction, it’s a must-have for parties, pranks, and silly moments. Let’s dive into the details and discover why this Squawking Rubber Chicken is a crowd-pleaser.

Product Description

The Novelty Place Squawking Rubber Chicken is an iconic and classic toy that never fails to create laughter and amusement. Made from high-quality, non-toxic rubber, it is safe for children and ensures long-lasting fun. Squeeze the chicken, and it will produce a comical squawking sound that is guaranteed to make everyone burst into laughter. It’s eye-catching colors and detailed design add to its charm, making it an ideal gift for birthdays, special occasions, or just to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Product Details

  • Material: Non-toxic rubber
  • Size: Approximately 15 inches (converted from 38 cm)
  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Color: Vibrant and eye-catching
  • Sound: Hilarious squawking noise
  • Durability: Made to withstand rough play and pranks
  • Suitable for: All ages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Squawking Rubber Chicken suitable for all ages? A: Yes, it is suitable for both kids and adults. However, adult supervision is recommended for young children.Squawking Rubber Chicken

Q: Can the sound of the chicken be turned off? A: No, the squawking sound is an integral part of the toy’s charm and cannot be turned off.

Q: Is the rubber material safe for children? A: Absolutely! The Squawking Rubber Chicken is made from non-toxic rubber, ensuring the safety of children during playtime.

Q: Can this toy be used for pranks? A: Yes, it’s perfect for pranks, jokes, and light-hearted fun. Just be ready for the hilarious reactions!


  • Comedy
  • Novelty


  • Laughter
  • Playfulness
  • Entertainment


Get ready for endless laughter and pure joy with the Novelty Place Squawking Rubber Chicken! This classic toy is a guaranteed hit at parties, family gatherings, or any occasion where you want to spread smiles and laughter. Made from durable rubber and featuring an amusing squawking sound, this chicken is ready to entertain both kids and adults alike. Don’t miss out on the chance to add this timeless comedy companion to your collection! Squawking Rubber Chicken

Specification: Squawking Rubber Chicken – Hilarious Novelty Toy for Endless Laughter

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