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OWNING A DOG | Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy! | Doctor Mike

Hey guys, I was taking a look at my videos and I began to feel like I have only highlighted the good/fun stuff of owning a dog without discussing what it’s really like getting a puppy. After all, It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there are days I’m scrubbing dog doo-doo off of my floor. So, I decided to make a video of 5 things you NEED to know before getting a puppy. I guess you can call this the less than glamorous, behind-the-scenes part of dog ownership; basically, everything I do in taking care of dog If you are considering getting a puppy you must watch this to be prepared for a new puppy. Also, if you know someone who wants to get a puppy this is a MUST share. I hope you like it =]

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  1. Yes! owning any pet is a huge commitment and responsibility and it is so important people get a pet for the right reasons and know what they are getting into. Great video!

  2. Owning a dog can be stressful. like, they can pee or poop everywhere in the room. Some dogs never learn no matter how much you train. Some dogs sometimes do it in the wrong place by mistake. Old dogs can be senile. They can do it everywhere, even on the bed. Dogs can also chew or scratch things in the room. When a dog get flee, it is extremely difficult to get rid of flee even from the house.

  3. I was considering getting a puppy I’ve owned Horses I know about training and commitment.

    I borrowed a pup I have been exhausted literally by having the Dog.

    She’s awake at 6.45am so it’s outside for a toilet.

    Then it’s ‘find it’ I hide cut up bits of food around the place, so I can calmly feed the cats.

    Then it’s my breakfast and then a proper walk, I’ve taught her to heel.

    Then we just kinda hang out, it’s constant attention seeking 😂from her. 😣😮‍💨

    We do some tricks and training, she bright & learns quickly.

    We go out & about …. She is company.

    Dogs are not like cats it’s demanding 😥 they are sooo needy.

    They never leave you alone, they half sleep and awake the second you move 🤯

    It’s slightly annoying that they ‘need’ to be by your side constantly.

    And so it goes on last walk 11pm then crate time with a nice frozen treat…

    Zzzz she’s as good as gold but back awake 6.45am all over again.

    A tired Dog is a good dog the saying goes but it’s tired owner too 😂

    I think I’m a Cat person Dogs are to in your space 😮‍💨

    I borrow the pup most weekends I’m absolutely shattered when I have to return her. 😮‍💨

    Dogs smell weird too, Cats got a nice smell.

    Maybe I’m trying to hard but it’s relentless attention and them just there in your face most of the time…

    I think I’ve sussed a Dog isn’t for me….a Dog just seems to like needy.

  4. Just found your channel in 2023 and was enjoying your reactions to Grey's Anatomy etc… but I'm a professional dog trainer and 00:30 into this video, now I F___ING LOVE YOU, Man! You got a dog that fits your lifestyle, you're making sure you can meet his needs, and you'll probably be able to afford the medical care giant breeds often need at 10+ years old. Way to be, Doc. Good Boy! 😉 Off to find the TED Talk.

  5. If u have never owned a dog before you need to know that it’s not as easy as just feeding and taking outside. You need to train dogs! So many people get a dog then get rid of it because they think something is wrong with the dog because of the things that it’s doing but in reality it’s completely normal and training will fix it. Crate training is huge but so many people don’t do jt they have to force the dog in the crate. My dogs will go in their crate to take a nap because we properly trained them so they like their crate and when it’s time to go in their crate all I have to say is go in ur home and they go in their crate. It really doesn’t take much time to train dogs it’s just a few minutes per day. I laugh when people say they don’t have time to train like my one buddy that’s why he got rid of his dog, he is single, his daughter is grown up and moved out, just works 40 hrs, I said I run a business have a girlfriend and a young daughter and I trained 2 dogs don’t tell me that, u go to the bar and play video games all night u have more then enough time.

  6. Dr Mike…. is this an add ? The way u made it looks like an add for an adoption center

  7. My sister has two newfies and gods the drool struggle IS REAL. Everytime I'm over I take my coat of before entering the house so it's not covered in drool hahah

  8. Is my dog okay if it needs only 1 meal a day cuz my dog is 3 years and when I first got her we fed her 3 meals then I saw my dog's stomach grow up for a second then went back to normal I of course called my parents and the vet told us she only needs 1 meal

  9. Reply
    katherine Hernandez
    January 31, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    Great video! Thank you. I want a dog but I think I’ll wait! I keep saying the same about kids 😓

  10. Reply
    Succes Osasienme Oliha
    February 3, 2023 at 8:08 pm


  11. Hey doctor mike! I have a question, I think I’m getting a puppy soon! But what if we live in a area where there isnt many places to go just very long roads? I want to puppy to be able to experience things before they’re to old.. we do have a very large backyard though,(to train the puppy)

  12. Hi,Doctor Mike

  13. this is so helpful!

  14. There are people who argue both ways on open feeding. A lot of dogs don't love kibble, so you CAN leave it out all day, and they won't touch it unless you are late coming home or they are really hungry.
    OTOH if I left out diced pizza or meatballs…they'd be gone in minutes. Although I've known dogs who will just stop when they're full.

  15. Don’t forget Parvo in young puppies!!! Very dangerous but avoidable with PROPER vaccination schedules!

  16. I am waiting for my puppy to arrive come mid Apr since I placed an order for her last Nov. It’s been a long wait but I am READY!!!❤ I bot an automatic feeder which cn adjust the feed amounts & timings of feeding in her crate zone (a gated restricted area around her comfy crate box) so that when I am tied up sometimes, she cn b fed in a timely & predictable manner. I also hv a busy & active driving schedule as a hsewife & so she wl be following me wherever I go in & out of the hse. I intend to gradually expand her crate zone only when she has learnt toilet training & obedience training. Soooo looking fwd to carrying her ard in her carrier bag to parks & malls!!! She’s gg to b less than 3kg@full adult size so I think she wl fit right into my apartment without any space issues. Praying tt we cn give her a happy home & make many beautiful memories for our family of 4 to rmb! ❤🐶💪🙏

  17. Btw,❤️ tt mountain of poo & tt dog hovering over bath water in ur vid! 🤣🤪

  18. Reply
    Nivain dissanayake
    March 5, 2023 at 7:54 am

    dont worry about this someday ur gonna have a baby too tho so this will be kinda of practise

  19. Bonus tips for larger breeds: even if your dog isn't aggressive, it can still cause injuries to people and other animals purely due to their size. They often don't know their own strength and can hurt their owners unintentionally. They can cause bruising, lacerations, torn ligaments, and even broken bones without even trying to hurt anyone. So if you get a large breed dog, you MUST train them not to jump up on people, not to nip, not to paw, and not to pull hard on the leash.

    Bonus tips for smaller breeds: In most cases, smaller dogs tend to be much more aggressive than bigger dogs. This is, once again, mainly due to their size. Since they are smaller than nearly everything around them, they'll often feel like they have to make up for it by being as aggressive as possible. These dogs also tend to have higher levels of anxiety. It's important to socialize them early to minimize these issues. If training and socialization aren't enough, your vet may recommend getting it on antianxiety meds to help. Also be sure to mind your own strength and watch your step when interacting with them, as smaller dogs have much more fragile bodies than larger ones, and the last thing you want is to have to take an emergency trip to the vet. Also if you have a lot of birds of prey in your area I highly recommend getting a dog run with a wire roof so your dog doesn't get carried off by one while it's outside doing its business. Hawks and eagles can and will carry away small dogs and cats if given the opportunity. So if you want a small dog, especially a toy breed, research whether your area is the hunting grounds for predatory birds, and then act accordingly.

    Bonus tip to anyone who owns a smoker: those little wood pellets used as fuel for the smoker can look an awful lot like kibble. Your dog will likely try to eat them given the chance, and eating too many of them will cause blockages in your dog's digestive system. I know from experience, we had to take our puppy to the vet and have his entire digestive tract surgically cleaned out because he thought those pellets were tasty kibble. If we hadn't caught him doing it, he would have died. So learn from our mistake and don't store your smoker pellets anywhere your dog can get into, and always clean up spills immediately when they happen.

  20. The only time our dog isn't walked is when it's too hot or cold for his little paws to be on the sidewalk for too long. On those days he gets extra playtime inside the house so he still gets his exercise.

  21. Thanks for having a realistic and informative video of getting a dog. Or any pet for that matter.

  22. I just got a dog he's a puppy he such a handful to work with lol but gotta give it some time he gotta get used with his collar and leash and hopefully it goes well

  23. Oh meu Deus amor carinho eu amoo❤

  24. We have a third dog now because a friend of ours got a husky/Gshepard dog without doing research first. They were so unprepared for the sheer insanity that is this dog, it's astounding. Thank you for gently educating people about dog ownership.

  25. Mike: if you work eight hour shifts, then maybe owning a puppy isn’t for you
    also Mike: works 80 hour work weeks

  26. Lovely, cute I never seen before..I love you 🐻

  27. 4:39 That visible confusion when he had a brain fart 😂

  28. Thanks never getting a Dog now

  29. I really wnat a puppy but my mum says she will only get a dog when all of us kids move out of the house. liek what? no fair.

  30. If you continue making these videos you will be veterinarian Mike

  31. The only thing I'd add is that before your puppy gets their 16week vaccinations, you should avoid walking them in high traffic areas and definitely avoid places like dog parks. It's not worth the risk of potentially catching an illness that could be fatal.

  32. I live with my parents and can’t have a dog but I really do want some. So the moment I live alone, I’ll go to an animal shelter and ask if it is possible for me and which dog I should take. I actually don’t know if it’s possible because I do have a lot of high standards: is it possible with my work, can the dig live in my house, can I live with the dog (taking long walks is difficult and I don’t have experiences with dogs) …

  33. Oh shiddddddd . The truth !!! Thanks

  34. unholy amount of bananas at 3.46

  35. I have a dog named axel

  36. thanks this really helped now I know!

  37. Every pet has requirements and responsibilities with it. Food. Play. Grooming. Vet wellness and illness bills. Toys. Keeping them, you, and your belongings safe.

    Dogs are quite labor-intensive. Cats need litter boxes cleaned. Guinea piggies need bedding changed and things to gnaw on. Birds need time outside the cage. Certain plants are bad for cats, and chocolate is bad for cats and dogs.

    And each animal needs a different kind of attention.

    For every pet my family got when we were young kids, my parents got a fact book to read to understand their needs.

    These days people can go online and get some good, detailed advice from experts; so much info is available today! You can find lots of videos. You can see day-in-the-life videos to show how people and their pets interact. It's very useful.

  38. Why do puppies need go be walked every 3-4hrs?

  39. I was attacked by a husky we had just adopted. She wanted to have my then 6 yr old daughter pet her and my mom's husky was over at my house and has seen my children born and was protective of her "puppies ". Mushka kept giving our husky warning signs to back off from my daughter but our husky ignored Mushka's signals. Finally Mushka had had enough and attacked because our dog was advancing to my daughter. Mushka thought our dog was going to harm Heidi. Because I knew Mushka would stop attacking if I removed the threat to her so I grabbed our dog's collar. She turned her head and sunk 3 of her teeth into my arm. Once she realized what she did she immediately stopped. I called my then husband and he took the dog outside for everyone's safety and I went to my doctor. I got antibiotics and we returned the dog to the shelter where we had adopted her. It was too risky to keep her because she may attack my young kids. If she had bit my daughter, she could have done severe damage. I'm glad that the owner wasn't too injured by her dog

  40. I know this is a long shot but can anyone tell me what those blue, brown, and green things are on the rack next to the spice rack in Doctor Mike's kitchen?

  41. As a Muslim I can’t have a dog as they are impure

  42. Once I move imma give this one dog (taking her from the household with the owner having the right to come over since he doesn't even live here.) The best life like an actual good food for her breed, walks multiple times a day, more than "sit, stay, come" training including kennel training, muzzle so we can move on with socializing, no treat (basic kibble as treat is just as effective as any other dog treat,) dental care, actual enrichment, and of course more. (oh and 100% going to do a better job with the shedding because no one "has time" and I can't get to her because idk what anyone has done with her that day.)

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