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Mom Refusing to Help Friend’s Gravely Sick Dog Despite Being Blamed Backed

A woman has been backed online after sharing that she’d refused to help her friend’s gravely sick dog, because it hadn’t been her fault that the dog had fallen ill.

The woman shared the story under the username @TheCornStarMum on Reddit on May 15. She wrote that her friend’s dog had fallen ill at a garden party she’d hosted after chewing the plants in her garden. She had told her friend it wasn’t her fault that this had happened. The pair have since fallen out after the Reddit poster refused to take any blame for the dog’s sudden illness.

A stock image of a dog sitting on the grass by a table at a summer garden party. The Reddit poster had shared that her friend’s dog had fallen ill after chewing the plants in her garden, even though she’d tried to prevent him from attending.Getty Images

“Since the post, I haven’t spoken to my friend,” the woman told Newsweek. “I had to block her online. She was constantly calling and texting me, just being awful.

“I spoke to our mutual friend. I think her dog is home now and on the mend. I’ve heard through some other friends that she intends to sue me for the veterinary bills. If she does, I’ll countersue her for damages. We’ll see how it goes,” she added.

“I was hosting a big garden party at the weekend,” she wrote in her Reddit post. “I invited my entire friend group plus their partners. One of my friends takes her dog everywhere, but I told her that no pets were allowed. Although it was a garden party we were in and out of my home and I have 4 cats [who] do not like dogs and neither do I,” she added.

While the poster had told her friend to keep her dog away from the party, her friend showed up with her pet anyway and let it off leash to play unsupervised in the backyard. A short while afterwards, the Reddit poster caught sight of the dog at the bottom of her garden, eating her crops and making a mess.

A few hours later, the animal fell ill from whatever it had eaten in the garden, and his owner raged at the Reddit poster.

The woman said: “She shouted at me that her dog is sick and that I need to find out what the dog ate. I told her I had no idea, but that I’d text my gardener to ask and that it was really her problem [for not supervising the dog]”.

“She told me I obviously don’t care if her dog dies and called me an a******,” the Reddit user added.

The woman added at the bottom of her post that she’s unsure whether she acted out of line at the garden party, for appearing calm and composed when made aware of the dog’s condition.

“I still don’t know what her dog ate but apparently he is very sick and might die. I feel bad, but I told her not to bring her dog on my property so I don’t feel responsible like she says I am,” she wrote.

What Do the Comments Say?

Thousands of Reddit users have left messages of support under the post, reassuring the woman that she did not handle the awkward situation poorly. The post has been upvoted by 95 percent of readers and has been commented on nearly 4,000 times.

“You asked her nicely not to bring the dog but yet she did. You asked her to leave but yet, she didn’t. She wasn’t even WATCHING her dog. If the dog dies, it’s on her,” one user wrote. “Don’t let her bully you into paying vet bills or anything,” another added.

A third TikTok user commented: “I love dogs. Yes, I’m one of those people who like animals more than other people. People suck. I do not like the [original poster]’s friend. She’s not a dog person. A dog person would pay attention to what their dog was doing, and would never take their dog into a situation where they’re not wanted, and would never let their dog off leash in a large garden where they do not know what plants are around and what could be toxic to their dog.”

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