Let’s see who the most athletic dogs are at dog daycare, Pt.4! #dogdaycare #dog #doglover | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

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  1. My dogs name is Jax😅

  2. I have a boxer and he is my soulmate

  3. Frankie be like: work smarter not harder😂

  4. I think I died of cuteness 🥺

  5. Sorah looks like my old dog 😢

  6. Him: come on Cali
    Cali: what the hell is this bro?

  7. I love how the dogs just run to him

  8. Frankie fully said “if I can’t go over I’ll go under”

  9. Frankie our president in 2024

  10. When you did Callie and I saw she was a boxer that reminded me of the new dog I got today that's a boxer. Welcome home Penny <3

  11. I want them all 😂❤

  12. Reply
    September 5, 2023 at 7:33 am

    I know a weinner dog called frankie <3

  13. Jack was the cutest!! 🥺❤️🤣

  14. Bro Cali and gunner died and you used calis name not being mad just telling

  15. Your dogs are so cute, may i ask what breed is Sora?

  16. "Size does not matter" – Frankie

  17. Their happy eyes awww I love themm

  18. You got the emoji wrong for Sora

  19. So cool could you do a part two please❤🎉

  20. Rupert is literally Ron Weasley as a dog😭

  21. Why are all of them jumpscaring us after the jump

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