Let’s see what dogs know how to lay down at dog daycare! #dogshorts #dogdaycare #doglover #puppy | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

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  1. My beautiful Labradors name is marlie too ❤

  2. I love Finn,Zeke and cleo

  3. Peanut with it's mouth out 😂

  4. I need coco in my life

  5. Gigi is my favorite

  6. Yo, Bosely was spittin’ FACTS!😎

  7. Zeke looks goofy 😂

  8. What kind of dog is Finn?

  9. Does anyone know what dog breed Finn is my cousin picked up a dog on the street that looka like Finn and she still doean't know what dog breed it is

  10. Are these dogs for adoption or r u just looking after them

  11. My dog coco died today😢

  12. What type of breed is cleo?

  13. Corgis don't need to learn "lay down" because they're already pretty much laying down when they're standing 😅

  14. Yeti tried so hard to process "lay down"

  15. My name is Coco

  16. Finn is sooooo adorable❤❤❤

  17. They are all soo cute

  18. My name is cleo

  19. A dog that does not know obedient, is very likely to become a flattened dog on the road.

  20. Reply
    Saint John Doe the elder
    September 4, 2023 at 8:57 pm

    Don't tell them lay down and confuse them then act like they stupid
    You did it right a few times
    First sit
    Then just down and point down
    Whats wrong with you?

  21. Zeke was the best

  22. Aw I have a Great Dane to (the bread of coco) it’s always so funny to see my dog lay down cause of her long legs sticking out 😂

  23. Bro Yeti's 4 legs away from a cushion, hes doing his best 💀

  24. Can you fake being dead in front of them

  25. Is peanut good?

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