Inside a Dog Retirement Home | National Geographic | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

Inside a Dog Retirement Home | National Geographic

Nearly two-dozen dogs are spending their golden years at House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers at this Gaithersburg, Maryland, home spare no expense and care for the dogs’ every need—from washing and feeding to medications and vet visits.
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PRODUCER: Jason Kurtis
EDITOR: Emmanuel Mairesse

Inside a Dog Retirement Home | National Geographic

National Geographic


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  1. I cared for a senior dog for 5 years. The last days was like caring for a cancer patient. But something adorable with them oldies. Calm and carefree.

  2. Reply
    Christina Stapler
    June 23, 2022 at 4:35 am

    Soooo… is this what Heaven looks like??!! 😊

  3. What a beautiful thing they do

  4. incredible to see that some dogs received more health care than some humans do

  5. Is this retirement place still open till this day?

  6. Has to be dificult to choose one favorite

  7. Reply
    Victor's Video Library
    September 14, 2022 at 9:34 pm

    Amazing story of kindness.

  8. Merci.

  9. How does a dog get to live there?

  10. Would be nice to have an address or PO #.I am old school,would like to send check .This year I got a 12 year old from Maricopa C ounty.What a great little Shih Tzu .

  11. Reply
    Abduaz1z Ergashbekov
    November 29, 2022 at 4:39 pm

    It's so amazing

  12. Pure heart ❤️

  13. God Bless You🙏

  14. ❤️

  15. God Bless these Great Folks! And God Bless these little pups.

  16. im from UZBEKISTAN would help you but uzbekistan have are very humanitly people uzbek 💪

  17. Why are their doing Its waste theirs time and money.

  18. Just like mercy

  19. THIS is just idleness

  20. These women are the unsung heroes of this world!!💕💕

  21. You ladies are amazing!!!!!

  22. So beautiful! This made my day ❤

  23. Reply
    Opal Norton Norton
    April 18, 2023 at 4:07 pm

    God bless. Ty for your service

  24. God bless u

  25. ❤❤❤❤

  26. Angels walk this earth I have no doubt about it , I see them here loving dear dogs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Beating vlog! These ladies are awesome!

  28. I just love what these ladies and volunteers do. I can’t be there in person to help, I will pray and keep this establishment in my heart-it’s the best I can do at the moment

  29. Being kind to animals is good thing and should be encouraged but spending $8000 on one dog, isn’t that too much? Shouldn’t human care be the number 1 priority? What these people are doing to help animals is great but shouldn’t there be a limit to it, when it’s crossed we realize it’s not worth that amount of resources when there’s much greater human suffering around.

  30. This really makes my heart full ❤ Angels

  31. ❤❤❤❤❤

  32. “Stairway to Heaven” That’s a beautiful thing.

  33. My God this touched my heart so much wow, how can I support

  34. Bless these amazing women and bless every old and unwanted dog in the world.

  35. Questo video e' stato pubblicato 9 anni fa, io lo vedeo solo nel settembre 2023. Spero che House with a heart ci sia ancora

  36. I love these folks for helping to care for our vulnerable ones.

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