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If You Keep Doing 30 Things to Your Dog, Stop Yourself Now

According to recent statics, there are 75 million pet dogs in the US alone and they are amongst the most desired pets in the world. Owning and training a dog is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences anyone can go through. There are however a few major mistakes that most dog owners make and some important things that they neglect which can put their dog’s health at risk.

We decided to share with you some professional dog care tips that will change both your and your pets life. Did you know, for example, that a responsible dog owner never walks their pooch on hot concrete? Or that your dog needs sunscreen on a sunny day as much as you do? Without this protection, your pooch can get sunburned. Of course, hairless dog breeds are more at risk than fluffy ones.

Find more in our article: https://brightside.me/wonder-animals/if-you-keep-doing-30-things-to-your-dog-stop-yourself-now-814002/


Avoid hot concrete 0:01
Take different routes 0:35
Brush their teeth 1:13
Trim their nails 2:03
Be strict 2:45
Don’t pet them from above 3:34
Keep the toilet lid down 4:03
Don’t give them chocolate 4:20
Buy a dog sunscreen 4:45
Don’t put them in a truck bed 5:20
Don’t feed them apple cores 5:45
Never leave them in a car 6:28
Don’t let them pull you 6:44
Never ignore them 7:21
Get the right collar 7:44
Don’t give them chewing gum 8:30

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  1. What's the most fashionable dog breed to own in your country right now?

  2. Uve actually explained to me why my pup barks at me when I stare at him

  3. Reply
    Barkey the Re-"BARK"able
    August 21, 2021 at 1:35 pm

    Do you need toothpaste necessary to brush your dog ?

  4. Making eye contact with your dog acutely gives you a better bond with your dog

  5. Kibble is dangerous for dogs

  6. all video: pooch pooch pooch pooch pooch

  7. Very. Very. Cute. Dogs

  8. My. Favourite. Dog. Is. A beagle. What. About you

  9. dont have to tell us we will have to learnthe hard way that is how my mom learnt and now none of my dogs bite or do something bad

  10. Very helpful! I thought the same things for my fur baby Opie! Thanks!

  11. I discovered that dogs love rice as treats. This food is healthier than regular treats.

  12. My friend Evie has a cousin who learned that Scotties and hawks don’t mix. She left her Scotty dog tied to a tree beneath a hawks nest. She went off to get her dog some water and returned to a duel of dog vs hawk. The hawk was diving down at the Scotty. Both were covered in wounds. She quickly called the vet but not before snapping a photo and sending it on Twitter hashtag the duel.

  13. Half is obvious. The other half not true. This guy is a fool

  14. Your the best better than mr beast so far

  15. I live in barbados also I'm 8years old.

  16. My dog and cat are best friends

  17. Wow , you really know how to take care of puppy’s and dogs

  18. We Can fetch, can we?

  19. 0:43 noodle leads the walks

  20. My dog eats lollipops

  21. Trim your dogs nails super SUPER carefully!

    When trimming the nails, trim carefully until you see a dot. That’s when you stop. When you see the dot, clipping more will cause the dog to bleed. The dot is a nerve in the dogs nails.

  22. ai whant a german shephard

  23. Reply
    April 28, 2022 at 1:18 pm

    "don"t rub your dog's belly to soon or the dog will never learn the rules ,stand firm"


  24. Once I accidentally dropped the chocolate I was eating and my dog rocky ate it but it was totally fine

  25. I give my puppy ice and he is teething and he is a golden retriever🐕

  26. I have a dog but I just got a new puppy

  27. My dog loves pats on the head

  28. I am so responsible to Bonzo the dog

  29. I have two dogs the older one is 4 years old, and her name is Miley, and the younger one is 5 months old, and his name is Bruno!

  30. I like the fact that the dog said DA FLOOR IS LAVA 🤣

  31. In intro

  32. I never give my dogs water because they Have a BIG bucket of water and every day we refill the bucket the house won't get wet bc the bucket is down stairs they're always downstairs

  33. You can use water with ice but make sure the ice already melted

  34. Giving a dog sunscreen, how silly is that

  35. Love th

  36. 7:38 "never let them know your next move" I am a kid(10 y.o)

  37. U are a nice,informative channel. (Btw, did you copy @BE AMAZED? Also ur my 1st fav YouTube (I mean utube 😉 channel. ( 2nd is be amazed,3rd infographics show and on and on and on…

  38. Planet Ayurveda Provides the best pet care with herbal products

  39. I feed my dog cow milk in the morning, Is that not harmful?

  40. But can we feed apples without seeds? And also I’m a kid I like bright side and when I get a dog I am gentle

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