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I Opened a FREE Pet Store!

Back to School Bundles are available now at http://www.brimerch.com

Operation Kindness is a safe haven for homeless pets in Carrolton, Texas. Thank you Operation Kindness for partnering with us to give these animals a second chance. Please visit http://www.operationkindness.org if you would like to consider giving an animal a new loving home!

I Opened a FREE Pet Store with Brianna 👊

👕 MERCH – http://www.brimerch.com

🡆 Brittany – https://bit.ly/3erFfZM

🡆 Instagram – https://instagram.com/briarsement
🡆 Twitter – https://twitter.com/BriArsement
🡆 BriannaShorts – https://bit.ly/2VFB6Jv

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Chad Wild Clay – WHO Will Win the Hacker Election?

JStu – Escaping An Unbreakable Box 50 FEET IN THE AIR!


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  1. I have him now 🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🐶🐕

  2. I love cats but I have a bunny but I love them. We got them a couple of days ago and they held floppy that is one of my bunnies. The other one is called panda. I love you guys

  3. When Scooby was adopted I almost cried 🥲

  4. I want love it

  5. I want lovenut

  6. I’m sorry I didn’t come I was busy the next time you do this I’ll try to come

  7. As a girl who has 24 animals i loved this video thank you Bri and her crew

  8. I'm never adopting a kitten or cat im definitely getting a puppy or dkgvy

  9. is it up today

  10. A free pet shop and a dog shelter are very different things

  11. I love dogs they’re so cute I have two dogs at home😅Hopefully Bree you find your matching pet but you already have one so please get a pet bunny

  12. Can you start making an another business about getting dogs? Because I really want one I oCan you start making a little business about getting dogs because I really want one I only have one and we used to have 25 and now we only have one, so can I get a dog

  13. I would adopt one

  14. brianna and preston sittin in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first comes love second comes the marage third comes the baby in da baby carage

  15. Meow 🐱🐈❤

  16. I wish I could adopt a dog my rose dog I want to adopt is a corgi so can you save me one corgi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. I love your videos and I love you Brianna

  18. Aww I always wanted a puppy

  19. Wonderful video briana

  20. A baby girl dog 🤍

  21. I hate dogs

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