how to take care for your pregnant dog and puppies ! pregnant dog week by week | Barky Supplies Expert Tips

how to take care for your pregnant dog and puppies ! pregnant dog week by week

how to take care for your pregnant dog and puppies ! pregnant dog week by week

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We decided to breed our dogs, so I decided to share some information from our reproductive consultants and our veterinarian. I have already told whether I can get any comments on irresponsible reproduction, that our dog has been registered with microchip, KC, has all the health checks / screenings and we have the male lineage as well.

Dog breeding preparations

Providing health care tips for pregnant dogs

Feeding Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant dog exercises

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    Adri Hello there buddy pal amigo
    March 4, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    First time my dog is pregnant needed this

  2. My 6 month old puppy might be pregnant! What do I do?? (She is a rescue)

  3. You need to stop putting up screenshots of other videos to watch. Cannot finish reading the current one I'm watching. It's being blocked!

  4. wtf those 1st 4 points. after you find a good candidate, fed your dog well and learned the facts about breeding a dog you should abort the dog and adopt a shelter dog instead? im sure people who clicked this video already made their mind up, all that 4th fact did was discourage people from caring on watching the video.

  5. I'm not gonna go and get rid of my dog for a shelter dog just bc she's pregnant! Omg😠

  6. My dog is pregnant now but I don't know what stuff other than food and medical needs

  7. My dog bella is pregnant!!!!

  8. My dog pregnant but she got fleas so we got a medicine that gonna heal but spoil the pregnancy which one should l do

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    Johnise Terrese perez
    September 17, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Tysm My dog layla is pregnant Could have not done it without you im subscribing

  10. Thx 🙏 for the information

  11. My dog is pregnant I’m trying to find out some Information so I won’t do the wrong things

  12. My dog gat pregnant and all the puppies die 😢😢😢 premature

  13. Meri rottweiler ko 11 k din or 13 k din metting karwaya
    20 days ho geya uska blood anna band nhi huya
    Kya wo pregnant hai?

  14. This was horrible, sorry. Why did it end at daily walks? What about setting up their nest, everything you need for the puppies? A whelping box so the mother won't suffocate the puppies? towels, water, increasing calcium? warm and comfortable place for your dog to set up?

  15. Well ,I have a male dog and still watching this video 😎

  16. Can I give emikind syrup for 1 week pregnancy dog

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