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Grooming My Giant Dog In NYC

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Bear is my Newfoundland that lives with me in my apartment in NYC. While his size and amount of floof might be adorable and lovable, it makes keeping him clean and hygenic a very difficult process. Every few weeks I sit down with Bear and spend hours making sure he’s well groomed, from bathing, to shampoo, to soap, then brushing his teeth, trimming his nails, trimming his fur, and the exhaustive process of drying him out. I wanted to share this bathroom ritual with all of you so you could see just how challenging it is to groom my floofy in NYC, but also teach you some helpful tips about caring for your pets should you find yourself with a dog to groom someday.

00:00 Intro
00:55 Bath
03:11 Giant Blow Dryer
04:14 Combing
05:58 Trimming His Paws
06:42 Trimming Bear’s Nails
07:00 Teeth Brushing
07:45 Cleaning Bear’s Ears
08:43 Haircut
10:02 Bear’s Thoughts

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  1. The end lol

  2. bear cotton candy

  3. Bear is the nicest dog I’ve seen during spa day.

    I use to be a dog bather & some groomers/dog bathers are abusive to dogs. It’s nice to see people doing it at home because shop owners don’t care about hurting dogs just the profit from doing so many dogs in a short time.

  4. so uh… we gonna talk about the most replayed section…? 9:10

  5. the poofy floofy newfy

  6. Mike if he had a girlfriend:
    "And who's hair is this on the bed?!"
    "Who's Bear?"
    "This dude"

  7. Reply
    September 2, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    Wow I'm impressed my dog's All of them hate water they always run away when they see me with water like my oldest dog it's been a year's sence his bath coz I can't peak him up like his so playful when I'm trying to bath him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂but I love him with all my heart ❤❤❤❤❤

  8. So cute… Such a good boi!

  9. Caption: Buff doctor bathes actual bear in the largest New York bathroom in existence.

  10. I wass stressed all day but this helps me to chill a lil bit

  11. If your back hurts you should probably been with your legs😅

  12. you slap a ph on that and vis is a holl different video

  13. that sound on 1:23 had me get a stroke

  14. How on Earth did you not that your dog just gave you the Boombastic side-eye

  15. Looord just pay groomer

  16. Reply
    The Sanded Beach 🐾
    September 4, 2023 at 10:04 pm

    Does everyone’s dogs Shake Is Like This?


    Upper Body

    Middle Body

    Lower Body



  17. It was so cute when he barked

  18. I admire Bear for being so chill and Mike for taking the time to do all this with such a big and hairy dog. God knows if I had a dog like that, I'd simply take it to the groomer.

  19. ay its the floofy newfie

  20. So impressed with your care and knowledge! Something so calming and therapeutic when I groom my horse. Calms the emotions and your mind. Wow good job!

  21. when mike was telling bear what he was gonna do, bear was listening so intently its adorable

  22. Bear is so cute ☺️

  23. was watching with my dog in the background and she perked up so fast and ran away as soon as she heard the nail filer lol

  24. Reply
    Jackmerius Tacktheritrix
    September 6, 2023 at 8:32 pm

    I was always told tea tree oil is toxic to dogs when I was working at my local veterinary office

  25. It’s funny I have all the same complaints and thought process with my poodle girl)) low water pressure, inadequately high prices, me enjoying the process and becoming good at it despite lower back killing me for the rest of the day and having to clean up and take a shower))) it’s so sweet you’re actually ok with doing all this.

  26. What about Roxy is she okay we haven't seen her in awhile is she ok

  27. He looks great 😃

  28. That little pile of hair is a blessing, dear doc. You should see what I get out grooming mine every day! Think trash can full per dog. Which I kinda have to do since I've got therapy dogs that visit hospitals and nursing homes so they have to be as shed-free and clean as possible (like that's even possible with my breed of dogs)…

  29. I have a female chocolate newfie named Sophie and she's pretty much the exact same with grooming (except for the ears, when I have to do the actual liquid wash in them she runs away from me). I used to use a dremmel, but then I found out that she'll literally just stand there and let me clip her nails without any fuss (we always played with her paws as a puppy). She does also love to eat the toothpaste. We like to call her a micro newf though since she's only between 100–110lbs (also very lean and muscular, so very healthy). I love seeing people who know how to groom Newfs well!

  30. My part chihuahua rescue laughing at me as I watch this video.

  31. 0:35 Are you also that close in the face with your patiënts? Then i want to visit you 🙂 Damn you're one handsome dude! No homo tho 🙂

  32. How I wish I could bathe my dog! He's 6 years old and has had exactly ONE formal bath. German Shorthaired Pointer who goes absolutely batshit crazy when a bath is attempted. Thankfully, he has no smell and is OK with "sponge" baths! I am so jealous!

  33. In bear we trust

  34. Bear is so calm he’s just like a giant teddy bear. Can’t believe you did this for the whole day the patient you have got to give you credit

  35. I own a Bernese mountain dog and he likes getting groomed but he just gets way to excited and energetic

  36. That dog isn't going to do anything that it doesn't want to do… that being said absolutely gorgeous. Miss my German Sheppard its been four years and that one still hurts. However we've recently become cat people. We've got a kitten that is a mad ball of fluff.

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