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Doggy Day Care Is a TERRIBLE IDEA!?

What do I think about doggy day care as a professional canine behaviourist! Well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today!




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  1. Love youre you tube show keep it coming pls

  2. Can you feature American Bulldog in your Mastiff tournaments as well?
    I would also like a top 10 cross breed guard dogs with the inclusion of the Turkish mastiff.
    Can you also make a video on which breed is better: a pure bred or cross breed?
    Love the show and keep climbing!!

  3. How do i covince my parents too get a me guardian breed ? Background we live in a bad area and our house has been burgaled

  4. I miss the waffle…

  5. Love ❤️

  6. Can you do an in-depth video on the XL bully please

  7. My Cane Corso goes to daycare. He has been having some issues with rough play. Will be ever learn more appropriate play with continuing going to daycare?

  8. My daughter wants a puppy and in going to get her your perfect puppy course when she does.

  9. Come on Waffle king what happened? I always look forward to a good yarn from you Will, maybe on the next video

  10. More great information! A tired dog is a good dog!

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    Xandra The Tibetan Mastiff
    June 29, 2020 at 6:19 am

    Why isn't there more waffling? It's more fun.

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    Xandra The Tibetan Mastiff
    June 30, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Had to drop in again with another comment. My daycare (k9 Activity Club) was playing your channel on the big screen when we picked X up. That was kind of cool actually.

  13. Very good and educational.

  14. 0 waffling and no mention of Cane Corso! Double win 🙂

  15. "zero waffle, nailed it!" I watched that three times! Great video guys!

  16. Does canine boot camp training also include manners? My 11month beagle is a bit reactive to some dogs and things. I dont think my dog sees me as a true leader yet. He doesnt listen when he get excited.

  17. Watching every video to be prepared for our pup this was really helpful thanks

  18. Would doggy daycare be good for a Dalmatian ?

  19. Is it rude to ask questions if you want to take your dog to day care . Like will my dog have time to rest if it wants 2. Have you had any issues with dogs in the past . Are dog left alone with no one to watch them .

  20. 7 of 10 training cases that I do are due to doggy day cares mistakes. Anxious dogs, reactive dogs… they create little monsters.

  21. I have a class every day from 7-3 for three weeks. Is it a good idea to send a pit lab mix to doggie daycare temporarily?

  22. I worked for a local Doggy Day Care here in Cornwall. I witnessed several exceedingly cruel actions regularly from the owner towards the dogs. I became more and more negative in my work day. I reported it all to the RSPCA over the year I was there. My position was eventually made redundant for "financial reasons". The owner was according to two other staff members consuming cocaine and cannabis on the job too. They also had anyone and everyone that joined the business give them an excellent review as soon as they start.

    I dare not consider what would happen there during the night when the employees weren't there and the boarding dogs would wake up the already stressed and aggressive business owner. The business has 5 star reviews across the board, is highlighted as the best in Cornwall in things like Cornwalllive etc yet the fences are blocked with plastic sheeting and clients do not have access to cctv to watch what goes on at any time. They have the word of the staff and nothing else to go on so these reviews are beyond insane to me.

    After a year away from there two complete strangers headhunted me and asked me for my experience there. I explained about the vicious kickings, punchings as well picking up and throwing smaller dogs into the ground. Turned out they had joined the business after I left and seen first hand what happens there. They then looked for me as the owner had said that I was "a thorn in their side". We tried going to the media about it but without video evidence neither them nor the RSPCA was willing to do anything.

    It blows my mind that we rely on a stranger' word that our dogs have had a great day and have been treated kindly. Even now they get good reviews and it honestly gets me angry quite often knowing that this continues to go on unchallenged. After that experience I will never ever in my lifetime send my dog to a daycare unless there are online feeds watching the dogs 24/7 because you just don't know. I don't care how lovely and kind and generous the staff are to you, neither do I care how happy your dog is when it comes out of there (it's happy to see you, not happy that it's had a good day) you simply cannot know how your dog is being treated without being able to watch what is going on.

  23. I have a question about doggy day cares. I was wondering if it is legal for a daycare to not walk the dog? Of course I'm assuming it depends on the amount of dogs as well as enrichment I was wondering since I go to one that doesn't have much enrichment other than the other dogs and human contact (some of the staff/work experience workers) so I was just wondering if this is an ok environment (I haven't been able to find out much about the place including how many days each dog is there for since I only go one day a week which is the busiest day apperently which has 40+ dogs).

  24. I just got a border collie cross staffy. She's seven months old. I work from home so don't really need to send her to doggy daycare but considering enrolling her for one day a week for socialising purposes

  25. Reply
    Jimi Levi - 4legg TV
    May 28, 2022 at 4:21 pm

    It really depends on the daycare. People need to do their research and make sure the staff is well-trained and enthusiastic about their work. Make sure dogs are actually getting enrichment and is learning while at daycare.

    Too many daycares are just free-for-alls with inexperienced teenagers running groups of dogs that are way too big. Those are the ones creating problem dogs.

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    SAL YouTube Premium
    July 26, 2022 at 12:25 pm

    I must disagree about getting puppy into daycare as early as possible.
    Just like toddlers, all socialization should be done by parents/humans. If one wants to build on socialization using daycare that’s another issue. But in terms of forming good social behavior… that should come from human owners and/or primary trainer.

  27. DOGGIE DAYCARE GUIDE! would be FUCKING AMAZING! A lot of new doggie daycare businesses are popping up and they suck! A lot of them put the animals in dangerous situations by encouraging a negative environment. Dogs are handled aggressively
    I want to start my own doggie daycare out of my house but I'm not a trainer. I want to create a doggie daycare that actually cares about the dogs safety and reinforces training especially since in NY experience living in Illinois, here most people don't train their dogs properly and I've seen the negative sides of that in daycare.

  28. My pup is 10 months old. He’s a pittie/lab mix. He loves dogs and people, but he likes to play rough and be growly while he plays. He’s never been to daycare before. Is it too late to start?

  29. The problem with early socialization is thinking puppies need to meet every other dog possible. The real word we should be using is desensitization. Being able to be in a room with other dogs or puppies and be in a calm neutral state and focused on you. Puppy classes and continuing obedience classes is way more beneficial then daycare. You can develop a dog reactive puppy with over socialization. So you’ll be walking your puppy and they see another dog and they will want to play because thats all they know. Also for puppies who cannot settle. Crate train. Taking a puppy out to play because they won’t settle you will create an athlete. Especially for higher drive breeds like a BC. Crate training to settle is a much more balanced and realistic way to teach a puppy to settle.

  30. Does somebody know a dogdaycare in Vancouver, BC. That allows Corsos?

  31. My 9 month old standard poodle pup absolutely loves her doggy daycare. We put her there when we have to go out for a long time or if we need overnight care. They love her there too. She is a very energetic pup and is having the zoomies out on the deck as I write this. Lol. She comes home from the daycare nice and tired. She’ll be excited when she learns she gets a second day there this week. Oh and they post doggy pics on their instagram and the dogs are so happy their tongues almost touch the ground in the photos. The biggest doggy smiles ever.

  32. Will and Rachel thank you for all your advice. My German Shepard is 12 weeks now and doing really well. Seems like every question I have, you have the answer. He is booked in once a week for socialisation 💙

  33. Well said….thx

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