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Dog TV Daycare for Thursdays

TV for your dog to watch while you’re away. 9 hours of dogs playing, mingling, and socializing! Your dog will feel like a member of the pack and can always see what the other dogs are doing while you’re gone.

This video has been designed to avoid overstimulating your dog, with low-key quiet periods and less intense close-ups of high energy activity than the Dogs Playing series. However, you should check how your dog reacts to the other dogs before leaving the video running (don’t show the video to dogs that over-react).

Your views help provide serious funding for these animal shelter dogs via Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, Arizona, USA:

End of each playgroup (with music, see below):
End of 1st session music: 01:50:18
End of 2nd session music: 03:59:24
End of 3rd session music: 05:44:28
End of 4th session music: 08:08:55
End of 5th session music: 09:04:18

A short background music clip plays at the end of each playgroup session.
Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):


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  1. My dog loves watching these videos. When I leave for work I leave your videos for her to watch. Thank you your videos are a big help.

  2. Love the casual fallout lore conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ€ŒπŸ»

  3. Camera guy needs to adopt Lola, she clearly loves him ❀

  4. New subscriber! My rescue Stella loved the video πŸ™πŸΌ Thank you 😊

  5. Why are they running around dragging their leash?

  6. Your videos have been a staple in my house. I rescued the sweetest little Pitbull mix puppy when she was 4 months old and she's a year now. She's been watching you from day one and will actually look at the TV for me to turn you on. She especially gets excited when she sees the little black and white Pitties that look just like her. Merci Mae says thank you for your videos, they keep her occupied when mommy has to leave the house or do something other than play with her ❀

  7. My dogs love these. Thank you so much

  8. This is our dog’s favorite channel. He loves these guys. Thank you ❀

  9. πŸ˜…

  10. it looks like i will love this video

  11. Glad this channel supports shelter pets but so many times the β€œstaff” ignores obvious signs a dog is uncomfortable and a potential fight is about to break out. Eff your Clorox bottles of rocks and long ass leashes and get a break stick if you’re going to let a bunch of pit mixes mingle without knowledgeable staff.

  12. Keeps my dog entertained. Thanks!!

  13. can you please stop the dog bothering the other so much. the dog wanted to use the bathroom but couldnt cause the other one stayed up his ass. sorry but i just cant stand total harrassment.

  14. thank god the new dog came in and rescued the other one.

  15. ?? I get it – You think keeping the leashes on gives you the ability to control if necessary –
    The stupidity is that it is also real easy for that to snag onto something and strangle the damn dog.

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