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Dog TV Daycare #5

TV for your dog to watch while you’re away. 2 hours of dogs playing, mingling, and socializing! Your dog will feel like a member of the pack and can always see what the other dogs are doing while you’re gone.

This video has been designed to avoid overstimulating your dog, with low-key quiet periods and less intense close-ups of high energy activity than the Dogs Playing series. However, you should check how your dog reacts to the other dogs before leaving the video running (don’t show the video to dogs that over-react).

Your views help provide serious funding for these animal shelter dogs via Friends of Pima Animal Care Center, Tucson, Arizona, USA

The dogs:
Van Dyke:
Biscuit (aka Willy):

This is a great source of good music, with links to the music featured in this video:
Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):


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    Dog Playgroup Stories
    June 13, 2023 at 9:25 pm

    Just so people know, Turtle was rescued from euthanasia by Lucy's Hope, who has rescued a lot of dogs from the shelter and helped keep the live release rate very high.

    Also, Mystic (the deaf dog) enters the yard at 1:07:19

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    Willows Adventures 🧡
    June 14, 2023 at 12:24 am

    Willow loves watching these videos on the TV 🧡😊

  3. LOVE the thumbnail!! ❤❤

  4. I have a pit mix I just rescued and he LOVES this channel. And so do I! This is such a great idea ❤

  5. I love you guys, but you just said"They need water, poor guys". I do not see any water in this episode, please give them water, and a kiddie pool, like some other Doggie Daycares enjoy..they are all panting, but I see no water…thank you for all you do..

  6. Goodness these dogs are so ugly, loud, slobbering nasties. What's the attraction to having them as pets? I'll never understand.

  7. My digs watch this a bit each day. I’ve been house restricted from surgery so they only get one walk a day after hubby gets home at night. Also dog flu keeps them from the dog park and play groups.
    I hope this is entertaining and not depressing for them. Lol. They’re both hard rescues with shelter memories and love love love dog park play.

    If they’re so afraid of communal water set out water bottles for each dog. This is abusive bs for a shelter. These dogs are super underweight too.
    Not your fault as a shelter for a country with no breeding restrictions or pet ownership accountability.
    I’ve personally witnessed higher neglect in high profit rescues so you’re at least trying and I truly hope for each one of these fluffs to find happiness and safety with forever homes.

  8. I can't believe that we humans are allowed to kill a dog just because it doesn't have a home and nowhere to go, like it's his fault. I've never been a huge fan of animals until I got my dog, I guess that's when things really changed and I saw them for what they really were. Dogs have feelings and a consciousness, they're alive and they become friends and family, but yet if we can't find a home for them we just kill them. Maybe we should start doing that with homeless people. A homeless person is worse than a homeless dog, they need food every day from shelters, they need money from the state, medicine for free, free homes, free food, free stay, the dogs just roam around and take what they can get. And if they can't find a forever home… Well we just kill them. We have to do better. We need to put some kind of law in place that makes it illegal for certain people to breed dogs. How about from now on unless a person is a certified breeder, they have to have all dogs neutered and spayed when they get them. I can't imagine being without my baby, she's like a real person to me with real feelings and a soul. imagine coming home from work one day and the police telling you that they have to put your son down because he bit someone at school. I'm sorry but I've never seen dogs go around and shoot people or are just crazy and balanced. A human would have to do something to that dog to make it that way. There is no bad dogs, there's just bad people that train dogs to be bad. Sorry this is crazy long, but it just hit me when I saw that comment about the euthanization.

  9. Seen so many episodes now, and NO water?! And some of these dog handlers are way to rough with the dogs, pulling there leashes (wonder how some of them treat the dogs when camera is off). This is not me trying to be harsh, but dogs deserve to be treated with respect. Please keep in mind, we are people watching this

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