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7 OTC Human Medications Safe and Effective for Dogs

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Dr Jones shows you the TOP 7 Human Medications that are safe and effective for dogs.

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  1. How long do you give Pepcid for? Just until you see them not throwing up? Or continue longer? Doesn't this med have a lag time to build up or does it work right away?

  2. Many of us can't afford the outrageous cost charges at the vets office.. therefore without any choice .. often animals end up suffering.. an let me tell u.. as I know many animal owners understand… but its so so painful not to be able to afford tests an things of that nature for your pet. especially when possible misdiagnosing happens as in my case! after having ur over a decade. I don't even have words to describe the pain an sorrow I've experienced daily for the last year! This man at least eases that a little bit. Appreciate him having a heart to share his knowledge without charging ! It's really very disheartening when you cant even ask a question in an emergency situation to a online veterinarian without being charged.. not to mention the anxiety levels when frantically searching for a simple answer . they lead u to think your going to get it… then BAM! yeah if you have 50$ or whatever they charge! It's cruel an really sad that something as simple as finding a at home remedy has to be so traumatic! sorry to have rambled! Much love to to this veterinarian! 🙏🙏❤

  3. I've thought about trying hydrocortisone but was afraid my dog might lick at it. Is that dangerous??

  4. Yeah vets aren’t in it for the money at all🙄

  5. ❤thank you Doc. I love this sharing info with us. Im a pro active pet parent . I like to be equipped with the right meds and keep at home for when situations arise. Bless you abundantly ❤

  6. Thanks you've helped us so much. I started as a complete novice.

  7. My dog was dying due to excessive vomiting and diarrhea for 2 weeks. After about 1k in vet bills and no help, a vet on a consultant app told me to give him pepcid ac. In 6 hours, he was showing massive improvement and he recovered fully.

  8. Dog looks terrified in this video

  9. My pets vet comes to my house. What I like about her the most is she will always try a natural alternative before prescribing medications.

  10. Wow!! My name is Tula! First time I’ve heard my name!

  11. Keep in mind that OTC meds are only OTC for humans unless the packaging has directions for animal use

  12. I just saved this video to my Apple Notes and forwarded this to all my dog friends.

  13. Reply
    june crochet favourites
    September 22, 2023 at 2:23 pm

    My vets gave me dog only pain killers 100 euro per 2 prescription so they wanted 200 euro, my vet knows I know I can get human same meds but the law now in Spain has changed, so I went in and brought the pain meds as for myself grand total of 2 euros 90c , yes you have to be careful where we would take one whole pill a dog of 38kg takes only 1/3 of a pill, so please if you buy your own make sure 100% you give them the right dose 🙏♥️

  14. Thank you.

  15. Thank you so for this video. It helped me with my senior dog. Much love ❤

  16. Medications
    Skin infection, caloric
    Benadryl, hives. I ml gram per pound.
    Canastene. Twice a day for 7 days. Cortisone
    Polysporic for eye infection.
    6. Pestobismol
    7. Aspirin.

  17. US FDA just said they're removing benadryl & sudaphed from the market because they don't work. Yup, you read that right. They've worked for me (ex-RN, gave) & everyone I've known, but now they don't work. Ok.😡

  18. What can I use for bad breath? It really stinks. Bad. I tried brushing, and the liquid for her water. The smell is so bad.

  19. In a way I hate to see these videos on home remedies. I come across people on a regular basis that think all you have to do is go on youtube or google something and your good to go, but I have seen tons of dogs over the years that suffered and/or died because of misdiagnoses and improper treatment. Many also over does thinking more is better. I feel terrible for these dogs as it's often very obvious the dog feels like crap but the owner is so overconfident they just see what they want to see. All you can do is hope the dogs body fixes itself despite what the owner does to it. I have a family member that treats animals like crap because he has such a low opinion of them (he doesn't think so of course) and he is guessing his dog has a UTI because it doesn't squat normally and it's peeing blood so he figures just treat it with some cranberry juice and it will be fine for 10 days until he gets to a vet (he didn't have one so he has to wait). He said the vet seems to think it will be fine or they wouldn't be waiting 10 days to get him in & because they said giving cranberry juice is more than most do. Too many people thinking youtube & blogs are all you need because it's still just an animal and they don't deserve to get quick relief from their pain and an accurate diagnoses by a vet.

  20. Hallo, so schade, dass Sie nicht in Deutschland leben. Habe auch einen 13 1/2 Jahre alten Chihuahua mit sehr schlechten Zähnen!! ♥️♥️

  21. For the Aspirin
    If I can not find uncoated
    Could I smash up the Aspirin?
    Thank you

  22. Most valuable video I have seen, my dog thanks you.

  23. You are the best, so much good information, thank you so so much!

  24. Can you use Chlorhexidine to irrigate a lip wound? I’m concerned my dog will consume it during irrigation and idk if that is toxic

  25. I have 14 year old golden retriever. His left hind leg has been giving him problems. He has been losing his balance and not wanting to eat except for table foods. Help!

  26. What about bee , hornets stings. Would benadryl work??

  27. So glad I found you ! I was freaking out my frenchies got some hives for the 1st time I was so worried am glad I know. What to do

  28. Reply
    Stand For Something Positive
    October 1, 2023 at 10:17 pm

    Thank you!!

  29. Would love to like this video but too many chemicals….if you're able to share more information on the holistic and natural medicine side of things, that would be appreciated. All pharmaceuticals come with side effects so avoid them unless an emergency.

  30. Thank you, life saver for my wallet 😁

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